If you could have any super power in the world what would it be? And why?


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I've always been a sucker for teleportation. Mainly because when I was growing up, I lived really far out of town, and travelling to school and to see my friends took ages!

There were so many nights when I wished I could just teleport straight back to my cosy bed and fall asleep, instead of having to take night busses across town in the cold.

Nowadays, it would be doubly cool because it would allow me to travel a lot more, and in a far more cost-effective way.

Seoul, Korea? Ping! I'd be there in seconds... Without the overnight flight.

Snorkeling in the Cayman Islands during my lunch break? Don't mind if I do!

In terms of being a superhero, and using my super powers for good... I guess I could rush to the scene of accidents and then transport people to hospital pretty quickly.

I'd also make a great undercover agent. Popping up out of nowhere, foiling a criminal plot, and then vanishing into thin air again before anyone knows what happened.

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Lia Tan answered

I'm going to list three powers since I can't choose just one.

So first one is psychometry. This is the ability to know about an object or person's past just by touching them. How cool would that be? I'd know a person before they can tell me about themselves and I can know what the history of ancient objects and artifacts. Although that could be slightly annoying in the long run and it wouldn't be as fun to get to know someone. I guess there are drawbacks to everything.

Second one would be super intelligence. Like I could see someone do something and I can mimic them exactly. I can learn really fast and I have the ability to remember a lot. I wouldn't have to study ever again or anything like that! This kind of reminds me of River Tam from the series Firefly and the movie Serenity. So drawbacks could be that people will seek me out to experiment on me or that I'd know too much that things won't be as interesting anymore in life.

Lastly, would be telekinesis. I am lazy sometimes and I'd like that things would come to me instead of me coming to them. I can also give things to other people without actually walking over to them. Lifting heavy things would also be no problem, which would be great since I'm not all that strong. There really isn't all that much drawbacks to that so why not? Plus I can hurt people without actually getting hurt (okay that's awful and I wouldn't do that unless I was getting mugged or something, but still...). So yeah, I think telekinesis is what I'd choose.

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Aww. Just 1?

Well, the super power that I'd choose to have would be shooting electricity through my fingers. And no, it's not for fighting.

The main reason I would want this is because if I was with somebody and they weren't feeling too good, up to the point that they've fainted, and I see that I don't feel a pulse, shooting electricity through my fingers into his/her body will act as an automated external defibrillator (AED). This would be extremely helpful for those moments if we were out in the woods with no one to help us out, and/or our cellphone batteries completely died out.

Another reason I'd love this super power is because if my cellphone dies out, like in the situation I've put above, and there were no chargers or anything like that, I can just use this electricity to restore my cellphone's battery life, which will ALSO be very helpful for emergencies.

And a silly reason I thought of was that I could give people a small shock if they were annoying me too much. :P

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Tough one!

But the ability to turn into anything I wanted... Pretty silly but the hours amount of fun I could have with this one superpower! The funny and hilarious mind-games I could play! Just imagine that... I could nearly get away with anything... (Let's not think evil here but)...

So I could easily sneek out the house.. Without telling the parents and they wouldn't know because I'd turn into...I don't know I'd think of something! Ha! And then I would be able to rob banks and kidding! Anyways I could have a lot of fun with this superpower, could run around turning into random things only problem is that If I ever get stuck as something else...they'll be serious problems :0

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teleportation would be nice i could go anywhere and not pay for travel expense i could take people anywhere in the world they wanted to go Id probably only do it for people with an ilness or people that needed to see something to learn a lesson and in emergencies i could save lives. Yea thats epic.

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