If you could have any super power, for the rest of your life, what would it be?


18 Answers

shalini sharma Profile
shalini sharma answered
Invisibility i'll always want that
maddi gillford Profile
maddi gillford answered
Um Sounds Like Un Interesting Question But Um, .. I Guess I Guess Be Able Too Fly, Flying Is Awesome :) LOL
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
To cure the sick and ailing the world over.. ^_^  .
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
Fly like Superman. LOL.
Bestof Life Profile
Bestof Life answered

I have it. The Holy Spirit.. And it is more amazing than any answer given here (when applied).. And it's real. Like living a different life/world/experience than what can be seen with our eyes.

Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
Whatever power Gambit had on the X-Men...... I want to pick up little objects, charge them with some energy, throw them and blow stuff up.
Ace anonymous Profile
Ace anonymous answered
I would want the power to gain whatever extra power I wanted whenever I wanted it

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