How to become a christian? I want to shift my religion from hindu to christian I don't know anything about christianity ? which group to choose ? how to worship god ? are there any ebooks on this?


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Visit a local church in your area and talk to the priest/pastor/leader there. They will be happy to help you out.
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This is just the question I was looking for!

Ok so another person said to visit a local church but I understand that that could be a daunting task you may not want to do.

There is a lot to explain and it may take awhile for you to get your head around it, I suggest reading this and then talking to a pastor/minister at a local church (forget what I previously said).

First off, as Christians we believe in one God. There are three PARTS to God. The three parts are: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

In the Bible there is the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old testament has many well known stories such as the story of Noah's Ark or Abraham. The Old Testament predicts what happens in the New Testament. The New Testament has four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These tell the story of Jesus life. Jesus is God's son. He was a perfect man who committed no sin. God sent him to die on a cross for our sins, that we may be forgiven. Crucifixion on a cross was the worst possible punishment in this time, it was so bad that no one dared mutter the word cross (in Hebrew or Arabic, or whatever language). The leaders at the time hated Jesus because he had power they didn't have and feared he would take over. He was sentenced to death on the cross by the people however, not the leaders, as they thought he was lying about being the Son of God. He died on the cross and God forgave our sins (I will get to this later). Three days later, he had risen from the dead. He had wounds in his hands and feet were the nails were put through (I read into the gruesome details of crucifixion once... It definitely wasn't pretty.), and there is historical evidence that he walked the earth. He finished the last of his work here on Earth and then descended back to Heaven promising to return. He hasn't returned yet, but that is our hope (which I will get into in a minute). God sent the Holy Spirit down after so God could be with us all the time.

Now that's all the factual, confusing stuff out of the way (sort of) and I'm going to get into being a Christian.

A lot of people label Christianity as a religion (even some Christians) but it's actually a relationship. It's a relationship with God. We believe that God cares and loves every one of us. It is also a choice. God gave us free will to choose whether or not we want to follow Him. If you choose to follow him you agree to start/stop doing certain things. For example, a Christian does good things (but doing good works WILL NOT get you into heaven, only Salvation will which I have yet to explain. I'm really sorry if I'm putting you off but following God is amazing I promise!!), as I was saying, Christians don't do things such as drugs, getting drunk, sex outside marriage, lying, stealing etc. It's OK if you've done those things in the past though, God is forgiving and merciful and will forgive if you repent which means asking him for forgiveness through prayer.

Becoming a Christian is simple. God is your friend and is with you at all times, he knows your thoughts, actions and everything else about you. When we pray, there is no set way to do it. We just talk to God as if he's right beside us. You can whisper it, shout it, or just think it. Whatever way you do it, wherever you do it, whatever language you do it in, God will always hear you. You can end your prayer with 'Amen' if you wish, but its not necessary, thought it is polite when praying with people to signify your prayer has ended.

Worshipping God is done in so many ways. The most common way being music. It's amazing how many different types of music there is out there for Christianity!

A church service usually consists of a sermon, music (there is types of Christianity that don't use music though) and prayer. A pastor/minister/priest (they're called all different things according to what group) says a sermon, which is a passage from the Bible interpreted by the pastor/minister/priest to everyday life. Music is played and prayers are said, it's a lovely environment to be in if you pick that right group for you.

I am finally drawing this answer to an end by talking about my last point, which is what group to pick. What I suggest doing is going to different churches around you and talking to the pastor/minister and finding out what's makes this group different to that group etc. And pick what's right for you. Also make sure you enjoy the service and like the people! Once you find the right place, talk to the pastor/minister again and ask him to explain about being a Christian and if you finally decide you want to be one, ask him/her to pray with you!

Oh, and as for ebooks the best book I can suggest is the Bible. Definitely get yourself a copy, if you want to convert this is a must. There's many different forms of it out there. Ebooks, audiobooks, books ;) Pick whatever form suits you best! Comment below once you do and I can help or you can message me.

All the best to you and if you have any questions at all feel free to ask me below, in the comments, or message me (no matter how silly it sounds). And anyone else reading as well :)

I really hope I didn't baffle you and you understand this!


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