Does it really matter what religion that I choose to worship God?


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Which particular god are you talking about?

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Yes it does matter. Have you noticed that some people use religion for evil ends? Jesus said in prayer to God: “Your word is truth.” (John 17:17) So God disapproves of worship that contradicts the truth of the Bible. Therefore, to some religious hypocrites, Jesus applied the words of God that say: “It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach commands of men as doctrines.” (Matthew 15:9)

The Bible shows that not all worship is acceptable to God. Therefore, in realizing that it does matter to God how we worship him, we may ask ourselves: ‘What kind of worship does God approve? How can I draw close to God? And what should I personally do to worship God in an acceptable way?’

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For me, no. For your community, most probably. If your community is cool, though, probably not. I think you can answer this best :)

Also, you can be a fan of any religion, even without talking to others about it or showing it off. It's supposed to be a personal experience, right?

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Worship yourself.

Don't you think your worth it.

I Do. I beleive in you.

You are the god you seek.

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Screw worship, "follow."  Get nowhere worshiping, there are instructions. Many are corrupted now but they say very similar things, "desire is the road to destruction." This is why they hard sell it now, first they sell you the idea that you are not good enough, then "buy this and you'll feel this, you will be accepted, one of us." Sex is promoted everywhere, vanity, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy etc  It appears they are going for fulfil all desires.  Problem is they never are fulfilled, they are like a constant ravenous dog. Ever read A Brave New World?

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They say desire corrupts.
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If you have no belief or respect for something greater than you, then you put yourself in an ultimate position of power with no law. No rules to say enough. With that type of attitude you can [email protected] this planet, demean animals even yourself. There is a quandary in believing that you are no greater than any other species whilst factory farming it and experimenting on it. Does that put you in the same bracket? Or do you see-saw between being an animal and plumping yourself up with your pride? We are human we control and dominate. Look where that is getting us we no belief in ultimate consequences or respect for what is created? No human can create an animal, a person, a tree. They can manipulate it and that is where the danger lies. Man's ego searches for the same thing whether religion or science, the elixr of life. Wanting to out live regardless of the consequences. They have no limit on that desire.
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I believe it matters quite a lot. However, it only makes sense to partake in whatever religion makes the most sense to you, if any at all.

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No it doesn't matter.

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