I keep having dreams that my boyfriend,who passed aways is still alive. In each dream he tells a different reason why he had to fake his death & brings up the guy I dated years after he died. Seems so real when I wake up I think he's alive. What do these mean?


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Niki Wright answered

This means your in shock, you can not grasp that he has passed yet...that being said your giving your self false hope...your not ready to accept it, when you are the dreams will cease

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Don Moran answered

This could be a dream of Invasion.  I would not allow this person back in my dream state.  Dreams aren't just something the mind cooks up.  As SOUL, we journey into other worlds when we sleep.  Sometimes we meet up with teachers, or loved ones who have passed on.

        This person you wrote about seems like someone who will not let go of you and is trying to manipulate you and get control over you by confusing you and giving you false messages.  If I were you I would pray for DIVINE PROTECTION and tell SPIRIT not to allow this individual back into your dream worlds anymore.

    Before going to bed, sing the word HU (a Divine Sound) and picture GOLDEN WHITE LIGHT around your bed and yourself.  Know that no harm can come to you and that you are protected from any intruders.  Feel GOD'S LOVE and HIS ANGELS surrounding you always.  Then, have a restful night sleep.  Good Luck and BLESSINGS.


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