I've been having this dream that my son and I were in a car crash and that he died. I woke up a couple of times but when I went back to sleep the dream would start off where I left off. My son is 4 years old but in the dream he was an infant. What does this mean?


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Don Moran answered

Dreams are a great way to work off a lot of heavy karma so that we don't have to work it out in the physical.  I've had car wrecks in the dream state and I know, if I hadn't, then I would have had the car wreck out here, which would have been a lot worse.

Turn everything over to DIVINE SPIRIT and know that LOVE RULES over all...even the law of karma.  BLESSINGS

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In dreams death usually means birth. There's also an infant. Any chance that you might be pregnant?

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It probably means that you are very stressed out and are just hoping the best for your son. Take some time to relax and spend quality time with your son. I'm sure he'll also appreciate it.

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