I Need A Copy Of Jesus Loves The Little Children Piano Music, Can You Help?


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Bianca da Silva answered

You can find a free copy of the piano sheet music for “Jesus Loves the Little Children” on This song was originally composed by George F. Root, while the words were written by Clare H. Woolston.

This is a somewhat simple melody that is suitable for intermediate players, as well as well practiced beginners. The PDF consists of two pages.

If you would like to purchase the sheet music, you can do so from

The version is an easy note style piece of sheet music which is more suitable to those who are still fine tuning their skills. The names of each of the notes are actually embedded onto the notehead, making it much easier to read.

Watch “Jesus loves the little children” being performed on the piano here too. I find that playing back videos of a tune really help me pick it up much faster.

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Karl Sagan answered

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