Does Jesus have Biological children?


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The Bible says no, but many believe that he did.
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I doubt it. I am pretty sure that he was homosexual.  He never married and hung mostly with other guys, and John was a young boy.  He was in the Roman Empire and you how they liked young guys. So it would have been the norm for his society to be into boys. His interest in girls is never mentioned. Maybe he was bi and knocked up Mary Magdalene, but I doubt it. I know that she was kind of a whore, but I think he just was friends with her.  I'm pretty sure he was only into boys.
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Yes, he did.  Just as he had biological brothers and sisters .
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According to bible there's none
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Nobody knows because nobody from the past has ever live but we have our literature which is a witness from the past so we will believe what it state and it state that Jesus have no siblings so we've got to believe it!
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The Bible doesn't say he that Jesus didn't have siblings, just no older siblings.
Stewart Pinkerton
Not true. Jesus definitely had a brother, known as James the Just, and there is a widely held belief that he was married to Mary Magdalene and had children by her. If you look at the Jewish society of the time, Jesus was a rabbi and that meant that he *had* to be married.
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Well, we are all the brothers of Jesus...Because the Almighty Father who is the Father of Jesus calls us his children so no need to for us to argue about that!

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