Why Cant I See Any Men's Faces In My Dream.........if The Dream Has To Do With Love With Me And A Man I Never See His Face?


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What does it mean when you dream of being in a relationship with someone,but you have no idea who it is and you never see their face?
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There's nothing wrong in this not happening, many a times you have dreams that has nothing to do with you or anybody you know, so don't worry about it at all,  no one ever had and will have control over dreams, its something that's completely out of anyone's had, you cannot have artificial dreams and it's not abnormal to not have any dreams about the man you love, don't mix up dreams with real life, it turns out to be a blurred image, it's fine, you love a man and that's the base line, dreams have nothing to do with it... Sometime its possible that dreams are about certain things that you are afraid of, or when you are curious for something good or bad to happen, or maybe someone you miss, and 1000 many other reasons, so it has a very minor role to play in real life.. Just love your man to the best in real life... And who knows he might take you for a ride in your dreams someday... Take care....

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