What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Like?


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What does it mean when you dream about someone you like?

Dreams are common for most people, whether kids or adults. When you dream about someone you like, there's a high chance that you were thinking about that person before you went to sleep.

When you dream about someone you like, this doesn't necessarily have to be at night, though. It is normal to dream and think about somebody you fancy, even during the day. 

The meaning of dreaming about someone you love

A lot of what I learned about the meaning of love dreams is from reading a book by dream decoder Lauren Laurence.

Common interpretations of dreaming about someone that you like

  • When you dream about someone you like, it also shows that there is some bond between you and that person.
  • Usually people dream about loved ones such as their parents, siblings, marriage partner or someone they are in love with.
  • The dream shows that you have some feelings toward this person. The feelings do not necessarily refer to sexual feelings, but to unique feeling that make you feel attached to the person.
  • This dream also reveals your fascination with the person in the dream.
You can dream negatively or positively about someone, and so the interpretation will be based on the actual dream.

When you dream about someone you like, it is good to let your friends know about the dream and maybe they can help you come up with an interpretation.

It is also good to get in touch with the person you dreamed about, so as to find a solution to the dream. There's a chance that he or she might have dreamed about you, too!

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Dreams about someone you like can mean so many different things!
For example, I use to work with a guy and, honestly, I didn't look at him twice, as he was a superior in the company. One night, I had a crazy dream that he and I slept together, and the next morning at work, I couldn't look at him straight.

A couple of months later, he hit on me and my dream became reality!

Dreams (or our subconcious minds) pick up on things that we are not aware of! I never ever thought that would happen, but I guess he was throwing energy my way that made me have that dream!

Listen to your dreams, they mean so many things!
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Well, I'm a guy, and I had a dream about the girl I liked, and the next day in the morning I saw the phrase:

"If you dream about someone, they were thinking about you when they fell asleep."

I thought, "this is it, she was thinking about me, so she must like me!"

The day after that I asked her out, and she said yes.
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You want to be with him/her so badly.
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Okay, so I was in a similar situation.

There's this guy and I really like him. I've had dreams about him and dreamed that he was my boyfriend.

I don't know what this means. I asked my sister and she said that it just means he likes me too.

She said that, when we dream about someone, that person went to bed thinking about us.
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It means you are in love with this person,and if you don't go for it, the dreams are going to keep happening.

I have researched dreams, and it says that some of the dreams people have are unfulfilled wishes.
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It means that you love that guy, which is not a bad thing at all.
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A dream is in the mode of your subconscious, it thinks things that your conscience does not reveal. Maybe it is telling you that you want to take the relationship with this guy a step further.
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I think it probablly means that you are thinking about them all the time. Therefore you are thinking about them before you go to bed, and thus your subcounsious is still thinking of that person.

Since it is still thinking about them, then you dream about them.
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Well, I'm a guy. I'm madly in love with this girl, and I really want her to be mine. I've seen her a dozen of times, and I noticed her stare at me and I'm pretty sure she noticed me staring at her. The problem is we're both strangers to each other.

Just two days ago, I saw her at her work at the mall and I got to talk to her, acting like a customer. The night after I saw her, I had two scenarios about her in my dreams: Her teaching me how to play piano, and the second, her hugging me until we fell asleep.

After my bizarre dream, I saw her the next day at the mall again! This time we both had eye contact. I spotted her four times and I'm pretty sure the same goes for her.
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Often, what we think in the day, we will dream in the night. I believe that you must love someone and then you dream of him or her.
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It just means that you've been thinking about him some time during the day. It doesn't mean in any way that he was thinking about you or, necessarily that he likes you. But it does mean that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Tell him how you feel. The worst that can happen is he says he's not interested.
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I had the same dream, seemed so real, I think it's just something that happened during the day that you really found interesting about him.
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I also dreamed of the girl I like.

Before this, I really was confused whether it's love, but deep in my heart I really and very badly wanted to be with her, talk with her...

But just like someone said above, we are just like a sort of strangers. Sometimes I used to just stare at her, because it made me happy.


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It does not have to mean anything. Or, it means you think of this person often, or you are obsessed and thinking about this person too much.

If your every waking moment is filled with thoughts of this person, to where you are dreaming about this person every night, than you may be obsessed.

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