The Quran is regarded as mother of books. What is the significance of this title in regard to education?


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The phrase 'the Quran is the mother of all books' is actually a mish-mash of opinion and actual teachings of Islam.


When used as an opinion in relation to education, it can mean that the user believes all education and all other works stem from the Quran. This is not an uncommon belief where religious texts are concerned.

Islamic Teachings

The actual expression in the teachings of Islam is not 'the Quran is the mother of all books' but 'Mother of the book' or Umm-ul-Kitab. This does not refer to the Quran, but the master source for all scriptures.

It's believed that the 'Mother of the book' is in God's presence and He chooses which information is put out in revelations and other religious texts, as shown by this quote from the Quran:

“God eliminates what He wills and confirms what He pleases: With Him is the Mother of the Book"

The future of the Quran in education

This TEDx Talk focuses on how the Quran can be used along side other educational methods in a positive way, and the possibilities of using verses of the Quran in teaching to directly relate to every day problems.

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Hi there,

In reference to your question the Quran is regarded as the Umm ul Kitab 'Mother of the 'book' which means that the Quran is regarded by followers of Islam as the ultimate scripture for all their needs be it education, inspiration and more. The Quran sets out the best ways that a Muslim should lead their life.

The significance of this title with regards to education is as follows:

  • The Quran is used as not only a religious text but there are many scientific analysis contained in the Quran that has been revealed.
  • The Quran encourages learning and education being the primary mother of all books it holds a great significance in encouraging people to seek knowledge
  • The Quran has educated many professionals such as scientists and historians about the revelations of life which not many other religious texts have detailed.

The mother of the book therefore is often referred to the Quran for educating people about this world and the hereafter and contains information on all aspects of life along with the sayings of the Holy Prophet.

I hope this helps to answer your question :)

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