What Has God Done For You That You Wish To Share With Others?


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The first and most important thing that God has done was save my soul from an eternal Hell.  I have been married for 12 years, and until I got saved 3 years ago, I cheated on my husband and lots more stuff that I am not at all proud of.  God took those desires away.  He replaced those things with love from Him and for others.  On June 6, 2008 (not even 3 months ago) my 10 yr old mildly autistic son was trying to build a tree house.  He had homemade steps going up the tree and had climbed up them to about 14 feet from the ground.  One of the steps came loose on on side, and he fell to the ground.  I believe it was totally God's amazing grace that kept him alive.  Thankfully, he only broke his leg.  Granted, it was a bad break, but he could have died.  I thank God for him still being here.
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My husband has had 3 close calls with his life, pancreatitis, heart attack, and renal failure. I prayed very hard every time he got sick, and asked that God help him to heal. He did get better every time. I am so thankful for the love and thought that God put into him, to make sure that he could stay here with us longer.
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God has done everything for me. From waking me up, to keeping me, blessing me, covering me, protecting me. He does it all. There is nothing possible without Him. But, through Him and because of Him all things are possible because I believe He is who He say's He is. Thank you for asking this question. God Bless You.
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I used to be a black sheep in my family and also in my group of friends. When I accpeted Christ in my life, everything changed for the better -- including my attitude and my disposition in life. I am still studying college, and I really feel that God is always with me especially when I'm taking exams. He gives me wisdom to answer all the questions. And because of Him, I still share good relationship with my family and my friends. :) and yeah, He guides and takes care of me, my family and friends always :)

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