What's more important: being kind or honest?


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An honest person IS a kind person.

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Of course it is important! if you're not kind and honest not a lot of people will like you or trust you

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Being honest. Of course its even better to try to be both

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It is not possible to be honest without being kind. Be an honest person

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I think that they're complementary to each other.

If you're honest without being kind, you're not being really honest. Simply because, by being rude in saying the truth, you're not staying true to yourself and to them. Being honest also requires compassion. When you're being honest with someone is generally because you're seeing the whole person, rather than only a part of them that you might focus on. A person once wrote:

"Honesty, without the kind recognition that we are all suffering and defending ourselves against suffering, is not really honesty."

Similarly, kindness without honesty is not kindness at all. Kindness without honesty happens all the time, especially when people feel the need to please someone to be liked or respected even though they're not thinking what they're saying or when they're doing something they don't want to do. Maybe because we want to "appear" kind. But kindness in order to be true must be sincere, come from our heart and involve being honest with ourselves and others.

The combination between honesty and kindness makes us see and accept the vulnerability that we all share. Hope this helps! (:

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