What's more important? God? or Money?


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I dunno how to answer this question without offending at least somebody.

God?  If he was real he'd be pretty important. His professionals seem to think he's not much good at budgeting because they're always asking for money in his name. Apparently, without finance God is unable to make a difference.

Money? A very useful tool for getting things done. It makes all societies viable.

The Bible says that "love of money" is the root of all evil and, had you asked your question from that point of view, my answer might have been different.

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Thanks, Walter. That's a generous attitude. Appreciated.
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I'm with Walter. I'm a Catholic and Christian, and I respect anyone's opinion. I mean, I wouldn't be able to change it even if I wanted to, so I'm fine with whatever anyone thinks
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Fair comment, Ebbed.
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Well, money has limited value.

A relationship with God has unlimited value.

And the trick for us is to realize how both those statements complement one another and what that means in our lives.

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They're both very different "things".  God is important to many people in a religious sense.  Money is very important to have in order to survive in the real world.  If you ask some religious folks ... In order to worship God with them, you need to "tithe" aka give them a percentage of your money.  In that way ... It appears money is more important than God to them.

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God.  Money can buy things but things are not where peace of mind and true happiness comes from.  I've been in a position where I only had $16 to buy a week's worth of groceries so I know that lack of money can cause stress but my faith in God has never let me down.

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Well, if you believe in God then that is the answer. However, if you believe in money then that is the answer. Money doesn't exist in of itself, and some believe that god doesn't either, hence how can either of them be important? Money is just paper, an IOU, in of itself it is worth nothing at all.  If the monetary system failed tomorrow, all your savings would amount to nothing because they are IOU, and you are probably in debt more than you are in debit (they make sure of that) so you'd end up with nothing. Money is an illusion, numbers in a computer. Our system works on debt and discharge. When you take out a loan, they do not give you money, they give you numbers, in taking out the loan you create IOU's with interest which goes back to the bank.  When we give the shop assistant our IOU we get the amount of goods that IOU can buy. Debt keeps us enslaved into working for the system instead of living of the land for free, the land which we were born freely into, nobody owns the earth, but we rent it anyway and are chained into this system by nothing more than our minds. Our minds do not see paper, they see money. Our minds do not see people leeching off our hard labour we see royalty and politicians who tell us that we cannot live together peacefully, we cannot be trusted to take care of ourselves without a babysitter, that we cannot grow our own food on the earth we were born into, just like we once did before so-called civilisation sprung up and enslaved us. Once we were free and a lot smarter than we are today. Today we are brainwashed, we live in a prison of hard labour and keep the elites lazy and rich.

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Actually ... money is not an IOU.
"Money" is any agreed-upon unit of conversion for exchanging goods. It can be (and has been) paper, gold, salt, electrons. Or anything else you can get enough people to agree on.

An IOU means you give me something now, for the promise I'll pay in the future.

If I give you money for it, at the time of sale ... there is no need for an IOU, as I've already paid you.

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