Am I going to die?


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I don't know that , infact no one knows when they are gonna die, and if you're tired of your life , then just relax for some days , do something  peaceful, keep your mind busy so such questions dont pop up in your mind! 

And btw this question is of no use because no one in the world knows exactly when they are gonna die! No one can stop death and no one can make death!

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As humans we experience the death of others around us and hear about others dying so it is natural to believe that this implies that we too will die. However according to many spiritual beliefs the soul never dies and is eternal, either reincarnating as a different being with a different body or becoming one with the source of all that is. 

Many people have witnessed experiences that point to the belief that the soul leaves the body after the death experience. Since god is one consciousness experiencing itself through a life such as our own , death is really only the experience of leaving the body, an illusion.

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