If I Dream Of Someone Dying, Does It Mean That They're Going To Die?


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No, dreaming of somebody dying does not mean that they're going to die. Unfortunately, most people experience dreams like this from time to time - usually involving the death of a loved one.

Although there are some stories of people having predicted a death in their dreams, such reports are very rare, and the dreamer usually 'knows' that it's a premonition and not a dream. There has been no scientific evidence to prove that precognition is possible, but some scientists believe that it can happen, and attribute it to the mysterious sixth sense that we are said to have lost over the course of our evolution.

What Does It Mean If I Dream About Someone Dying?

Dreaming about the death of somebody only suggests that they're in your the thoughts, that they mean a lot to you, and that the thought of losing them troubles you.

People in your dreams can often represent different parts of yourself, so death in a dream can mean the death or change to a part of your personality, or the end of a certain phase in your life.

Try to remember how you felt in the dream; if the dream has recurred, your feelings may be strong. It might help to talk to a friend or family member, or to write down the content of your dream on paper. This can help you to relieve you of the negative emotions that come with such nightmares.

If you are close to the person you have dreamed about, try to tell them that they have been on your mind, without of course telling them the actual content of your dream. Spending time with the person in question might also make you feel better about your dream.

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Okay, This is normal. I've had this dream about my best friend and my boyfriend both dying. My dream was we were in a car, Me My Best Friend (Ella) and My Boyfriend (Charlie), and we crash. But I survive. The next day they were perfectly fine. But, coincidently while me and Charlie were walking home, he was almost hit by a car the day after my dream!! I was very scared of loosing him. But that was just coincidental. Don't worry, Its absolutely fine. I've had visions of people dying and nothing happens, Its just your mind exploring your thoughts and worries. If you have dreams of people dying its totally normal.
Hope this Helps
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It means nothing, but in some traditions, it is believe that you have block the bad luck of the people you see dying, and turn it to a small unfortunate, such as failing of exams, or a small fever, or even just choke on water. But it doesn't matter. I once dream my family members die and my schoolmates dying, but I seem motionless and cruel, not saving them, but running. It actually make me guilty, but when my friend learn about this, they told me I shouldn't. She say that indians believe that dreams at night is just a dream of imagination and will not happen, however if its in the morning, its hard to say. Anyway, nothing will happen and don't worried.
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Oh wow. Your dreams are special like mine. You should take care of them and take them advantage. You can see pretty much into the future somewhat knowing what will happen soon. But not always are your dreams correct they might be a little different or not like that at all or exactly like that. Still if you dream of people dieing and if its your bro or friends. Try to keep them safe and keep them out of trouble or anything like that. Try keeping them safe. So it won't be that much work for me and the rest of the group. You would be a really great help. Your dreams are special don't mis-treat them and believe in them and try to make things stop before they actually happen.
Good luck.
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It sounds like you might have precognitive dreams. You might want to start a dream journal. After a dream, write down the date and everything about the dream. This way you will have a reference to look at to see if you are really having premonitions in your dreams or not.
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Seems you are worried about people leaving you. There is a lot of unemployment about and news about sickness so I would not be surprised if you are not relaxing properly before you go to sleep and your mind is over active. Hopefully your dreams will stop soon. Good luck.
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WELL I DREAMED for a week my dad died  week he really died I dont have the dreams any more now It's of my brother so now what?

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I dreamt my head was cut off by a pirate. I dreamt my mom was sucked up in a tornado. I dreamt my sister got trampled by wildebeast. So no. I don't think dreams mean much except you have a wild imagination.

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It is not always necessarily a bad thing, it could be bad habit dying off, perhaps a personality flaw, Maybe a bad thing that happened they able to overcome and let go.
Via the Ole' lady
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I had a dream and it was about my grandpa and he is sick and he tired of going to the hospital, taking pills, and now he doesn't go that much to the hospital cause he is tired of it.. But in my dreamed he died in the hospital and they couldn't do anything to help him revive so my mom and I went to make his funeral an everything an in my dream I would cry an cry didn't go to school at all because of his loss and it got to the point that I didn't do much anymore.. But when I was dreaming at that moment I was breathing heavy an couldn't breath like I was actually crying.. An I dreamed about this dream twice. So What does this mean..
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Usually someone never really dies in thier own dream because your mind works like if a dreamer dies in his own dream it tricks the mind into believing that you are dead in real life so it shuts down the process of organs so usaully its your not dead completely the person IN the dream isn't dead but holding on to little life then you wake up so relax your not dead in your dreams the only way is to way a 3rd person out look on your dream but even then your mind looks at it as your not dieing a person who is appearing as you is dead (get it )
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In my case yes...I can foresee future deaths in my dreams and they all come true. Sad to say, I cannot do anything for they really happen...too bad for me!
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Some dreams come true and some not. The dream is a hint to something. For example if you see raining that means a good thing would going to be happen. If you see some one has died then a bad thing can occur. It is a hint that you should be careful. There is no surety that it will come true.

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