I have failed God and Jesus, and am feeling lost. I thought that I was saved, but am falling apart in thinking that He has left me. I am asking people to pray for me please?


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Don't lose hope, though a person can stop believing in God, God will never stop protecting him or her! He is always with you! You don't need to feel depressed, God will be always there for you and if you're going though a bad situation, just have faith in God because maybe he's testing you, and don't do bad things! Do things to impress him (God)!

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Our strength is constantly being tested... And we have many strengths and weaknesses on many levels. Emotional, psychological, spiritual, just to name a few.

We live in and among different realms and sometimes the world around us just seem to engulf us...  If you were to peel it all away, like an onion, layer by layer from the outer world is filled with world unrest, war, poverty, hardships, weather disaster .. One bad news story after another .. Then go in a little deeper to our inner world ..  Family, job, school, community struggles of one sort or another  to our personal and private world of love and loss, friendships and daily interactions, self doubt, insecurities, and our abilities to cope with decisions we make on a daily basis.  It's isn't hard to feel like the world has eaten us alive.

Whether or not you have faith... The facts remain the same in terms of our world around us .. And our perspective of it.  Sure it can be downright dirty and desperate .. BUT .. It can also be wholesome and bright. There are flowers in among the weeds.  We can nourish the aspects in which we choose to influence our lives.  You can choose to nourish the weeds .. Or you can choose to nourish the flowers. YOUR choice.  That's the nice part about being a believer.  Even when we feel we have failed..We are constantly assured that there is hope .. And it's that hope that can change the world in which we live.  You can live in a world filled with flowers .. Or with weeds.  IT's always a matter of choice.

I believe because I choose to believe... Have I messed up, of course.  But I am aware of my mistakes and have make a point to learn from them so I can be a better person and a better believer.

You can too. You just have to make that decision. It's has ALWAYS been about choice.

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There is nothing to 'save' it from. It is good to hear that you are awakening, and that is another reason why I am here at this time, speaking with you. Our Infinite Creator has many messengers, and he uses us all in our own unique ways, to help with the Awakening, and prepare as many as possible, for the coming Great Harvest.

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Maybe that's God telling you that your ways are not right. The world says that there are more ways to get to Heaven. Such as with faith + good works you can earn heaven. The thing is, all of us have fallen short of the glory of God. We are all imperfect. We have been sinful since the fall. (Adam and Eve) "No one is perfect, not one."

This is why God had to come down to Earth and die for our sins. We caused his sufferings, our sin nailed him on that cross.

The thing is, it's GOOD that you're realizing your life. I want to suggest that you listen to John MacArthur. He's a great pastor. He'll tell you the plain truth, whether you appreciate or not. Please take this advice. I want to help you, but there's only so much I can do.

Pray to God for answers, and I'm sure he'll show you the true way to him. I'll pray for you to find the truth.

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Pray to the hearer of prayer Jehovah God (Psalms83:18) in Jesus name and anything in harmony with his will and purpose he will do.God knows our hearts and he knows everything about us,he wants us to draw close to him As James4:8 brings out. You maybe experiencing discouragement right now and that is something that the devil will use to make us feel as though nothing we do is good enough for Jehovah God. That is far from the truth he loves us as was demonstrated when he sent his son Jesus to the earth to die for all mankind. I pray that you find this information helpful and know that our loving creator Jehovah God searches for the good in us.

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