Is Christ A Lie?


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No he isnt not the Christ I know.
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No. He is very real and genuine. Are you seeking Him?
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No he is not he made us.
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Let's put it this way either Jesus is exactly who he said he is or he is not.and whether he is or isn't is for you to decide of your own free will given to you by God/Jesus. Now after saying this why would he die for us if he was not who he said he was. That would make absolutely no sense and why would his apostles risk crucifixion and stonings and being thrown in a arena with lions to be torn apart if they did not know he was really who he said he is after his death unless he rose i said either all the facts add up or they don' decide...
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I like how my answer is being marked with a thumbs down when even the apostles were asked byJesus who do they say that i am. And only one knew because it was revealed by the father to him.Peter the rock
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You can blaspheme the Father and you can blaspheme the Son, but blasphemy against the HOLY SPIRIT will not be forgiven in this world or the next. Be careful, only fools walk where angels fear to tread. The demons themselves recognised Jesus Christ and it is written " the fool has said in his heart, there is no GOD".
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No christ is very real. Heres how i see it, either 1) he was telling the truth, 2) he was lying , in which case why would he die for a lie and how could he have preformed miracles?, or 3) he was a pracrtical joker that went waaaaaaaay to far.
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No he is not a lie but society today tries to tell us he is.

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