Will your sweet dreams about Taylor swift kissing your lips come true?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Only in your dreams! Taylor Swift is a star and the chances of you getting to kiss her are about a million to one.

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chris smith answered

I sure hope not. I don't find her the least bit attractive and none of her relationships seem to last very long.

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Anonymous answered

I guess there is a possibility. If you do something out of the ordinary and manage to get her attention. She'll probably write a song afterward though...

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Tim Cook answered

As I've never dreamed about Taylor Swift, I've no dreams about her that I wish to come true, sweet or otherwise. 

I wouldn't try and kiss her if we met, because for one thing it would be rude, and for other, about dozen security guys would probably bundle me to the ground. A dog would have a better chance of kissing Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift probably only gives Hollywood-style air kisses to people she doesn't know so well, and although she's a very talented artist, I can't say I personally find her attractive, so I wouldn't get too upset about not being able to kiss her. I don't suppose whoever her boyfriend is this week would be impressed either.

What Would Dreaming About Taylor Swift Mean?

If you had a dream about kissing Taylor Swift, I think it would mean you admired her, and wanted some aspect of what you see as her life to come true in your own life. Perhaps you like her taste in clothes, or her attitude, or her musical abilities, and in kissing her in a dream, you see this as a way of getting closer not only to Taylor Swift, but what you like about her in your personality. 

Of course, depending on the sort of kiss you gave her, it might also mean you had a sweet crush on Taylor Swift and you dare not admit it to yourself!

You never know, if you really wanted to kiss Taylor Swift, just turn up for a premiere and you might get lucky, like this guy:

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