Why Am I Here On Earth? Is There A God? If There Is God Where Is He? What Is He About?


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To believe in god is a personal choice, and it is youre job to decide where he/she is and what it is about. Personally relying on scientific facts, i choose to be an atheist, believing that god does not exist nor does any higher power have any pull on my life. I live my own life and suffer the social consequences if i screw up.
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Ian Craven
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Your saying there is not a God. You believe in the Scientific facts. Where did science get the answers to life? How can I rely on the scientific facts, but still accept my own social consequences if i screw up? Why are there consequsnces to suffer if i screw up?
Marissa Carpenter
If you screw up and live life the way that jenay is telling you to live it then you will be damned for hell where there will be wailing and knashing of teeth. Please pray in Jesus' name and repent ask god to forgive you. Also ask him to lead you and show you what to do and make you strong.
ronald jude
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The bible says that we are put here to praise the lord to honor him and give glory for all he is for all he has done and created in his likeness intelligence sence of humor 5 senses 2 legs 2arms and a will to chose what we know is right and wrong yes there is a god this earth and its beauty didnt come from some crash or explosion it was crafted by the masters hands an artist that insiires all small enought to live in the hearts of man and big enough to carry our heavest burdon comfort hearts
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You are here because your mother got pregnant, there is no God.
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Logic treeseeds.
Marissa Carpenter
He is basing his religion on research Treeseeds, dont listen to him. There is a god- dont turn him away. Jesus loves you! Read the bible/ go to a jesus baptizing church and youll see it for yourself. If you cant understand the bible now, just pray to recieve the lords word and he will give you understanding. I didnt understand it at first either, and now i can read it like a book. It says that if your a sinner the devil has the ability to confuse you and take the lords word out of your heart.
Lucy  Velez
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Then how did ur mothers mothers mothers get here?? What did they evolve from?? If you think so, then how did those monkeys get here?? She is here because she has a purpose on this Earth. So do you! If we evolved at ALL how did that get here on this very earth!? How did the earth even come to play?? I knw God made it because he loved us. He loved us soo much he sent Jesus to die for our sins. &nd there is proof!! There is a God who loves you, me, and everyone else no matter what!
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Please, my dear beloved brother- hear what i tell you. God is real, Jesus is real. Jesus died on the cross for you. If you dont believe in him you will burn for eternity; just because that the ways of the devil has corrupt the human race and this has confused you. Go to jesus repent the end is near. Get a bible and pray about it you will know the truth. I will pray for god to help you understand. Go to a jesus baptising church
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Karen F.
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Yeah, and fairies live in my garden and an invisible pink unicorn in my attic.

So there.
Marissa Carpenter
Selinde- just because you refuse to want to be saved and go to heaven doesnt mean that you need to push your unfortunate ways on other people. Mcarpenter is exactly right- and if you dont care to go to hell (i dont want u2)- but be my guest, but leave others alone.
Maryan (well, Maryanna, but I like to call myself Maryan only) & Tanya! Profile
Exactly what madmacstew said. No god.
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Marissa Carpenter
I will pray for all the lost ones on this page. Love and mercy on you when judgement day comes.
Ian Craven
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Where is your supporting argument? I could simply say there is no god, but that gives no conclusion to a final answer. Also I am not familiar with madmacstew. You should probably expand on his points of view if you are in agreement with his beliefs.
Ian Craven
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To say there is no god does not support a final answer. I could say there is no god, but where is my proof? Exapand on your answer to give evidence for there being no god. I want to know the answer. I am not familiar with madmacstew. If you agree with madmacstew's beliefs, explain who this person is, why the individual believes what he or she believes and why it is important to you. Tell me what I need to learn or understand from madmacstew in order to find purpose in life.

Thanks M-and-t!
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There is a god and his name is jesus, i dont believe in the so called big bang theory , i believe that a wise creator (god) designed this universe and made man after an in the likeness of god
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Karen F.
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And what likeness is that? Short, tall, muscular, skinny, fat, homosexual, heterosexual, stupid, brilliant ... What?

And what makes your god any more valid than anyone else's god? Why Jehovah and not Zeus? Surely if you believe in one, you should believe in them all.
Marissa Carpenter
I dont believe that God is real............. I know he is.
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You are here to complete your journey on Earth. Yes, there is god beyond the logical heads of scientists. God lives in our hearts(you can only feel it just like sorrow and happiness). He is all about love and compassion. Hope this helps!
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No there is no god and if there is what tipe of god lets his people die by the thousands and do nothing to save his them  if there is a god he should be overthrown.
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You are here to live your life and give God glory through your life,your skills,knowledge given to you by him. But he let's you decide if you accept his gift of himself as God made flesh come to earth to live his life(as Jesus) as an example of how to live your life and die taking yours/mine/everyones sin of the world so we can re-enter into heaven after our mortal body gives up it's spirit .then our spirit/body is transfigured into a perfect body for an existence in eternity.where we spend eternity depends on if we accept Jesus as lord and savior.don't you/anyone for one second believe there is no God .what he is all about is you/me/everyone on the planet .he made us to have a relationship with/to talk/walk and live with as his children.i know some can not grasp this idea and this is where faith comes in.just as you believe your next breath will be there when you inhale,or you will be able to type this sentence without thinking of how your brain works your hands.or you next paycheck will have the funds to pay you when you go to cash it.to help explain watch a movie called the perfect stranger or another perfect stranger.
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We are all here on earth for God's specific purpose. You are a part of His Plan.
Yes, there is a God. Some people say that it is a matter of opinion, but truly it comes down to the facts. For example, if a boy said that he jumped from the roof, and he told his sisters, one sister may choose to believe that its the truth. The other may say "Well thats a matter of opinion. In my opinion, he didnt really do it." I hope that makes sense to you.
   I believe that God is in Heaven. Now, I dont quite remember where I find that in the Bible, and I may be wrong. You should probably seek someone else's answer to your question to confirm my answer.
   God is a loving God. No matter how many times someone sins, He is always there saying you can be forgiven. (Unless you sin on purpose and think to yourself "Oh, i can be forgiven later." it doesnt work that way. But we can get into that another time.) He wants you to live in Heaven with Him after this world we live in now is done and over with. He wants us in Heaven with Him after we pass on. In order to go to Heaven, we need to follow God and direct our lives on the path He should have us go. And we dont have to do it alone. He will help us through many tough situations because He loves us. He has already helped you through so many things that you dont even realize. He is always there and loves you no matter what even if you are not there with Him and dont love Him. You see, God has a Master Plan. In His plan, everyone is a part of it. He wants you to be a Christian in His Plan, because He loves you and wants you to spend eternity in Heaven and not in a tortuous Hell. God gives us free will to do what we please and to make decisions on our own. We can choose our faith; He does not force us to be a Christian. Even though He does not make you follow Him, He wants you to lead the right lifestyle so you may go to Heaven.
    The meaning of eternity is 'without beginning and without end.' Therefore, it is longer than forever. God wants you to go to Heaven because He cares about you and does not want you to suffer in Hell for eternity. There will be no end to the pain. But if you go to Heaven, you can spend forever in bliss.
   God is everywhere. God is in the breeze, and God is in that flower blossom you smelt yesterday. Everything, everywhere, God made it all. Things so beautiful and perfect dont just happen. He made everything from puppies to dragonflies, from a walrus to a clownfish. He made bees, and mountains, the sun, the universe, and the earth. His hand is in everything. His craftmanship is everywhere, and in all things. God also gave us the Bible. He wants us to read the Bible so we may know more about Him and what He did for us, things like create the Earth and make a perfect atmosphere, how He made everything perfect and gave so much consideration for the things we would need in order to live on earth. He also gave His only Son to die for all of our sins on the cross. He sacrificed His own Son. I couldnt ever imagine having to do that. But God loves us so much, that He did. Thats how much He wants us to go to Heaven. Thats how much He loves us. And He loves you more than all of your family on this earth combined, He loves you that much. Could you imagine letting your only son die one of the
most excruciating, painful deaths known to mankind? And could you imagine doing that for someone you love so they wouldnt have to spend eternity in Hell? It would be hard, but He just loves us that much. Its unthinkable how much He loves us.
   God is many things; He is Almighty, and He is Alpha and Omega. He is a compassionate God, among many other things. If you would like, you can leave me a shout, or simply comment on this, and I would be more than happy to answer some questions you might have. I am not an expert, but I would be willing to give you answers to what I do know. So I hope you contact me. There is alot that you can learn about Christianity.
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You are here on Earth because this is where your ancestors happened to live. If you were on any other planet, the same would be true of that one. (And you wouldn't know any different, either. How do you know what planet you're on, after all?)

There is no god. "God" is a concept created by primitive peoples to understand natural phenomena around them. It is maintained by those who are (1) afraid of dying, (2) desperately need to believe they are "special" in some way and (3) need to believe that it's okay for evil to prosper here because bad people will suffer for it eventually. (Oh, and some people also have a deep need to believe that there is someone in charge, anyone, who is managing things on Earth. Random chance scares them silly, things must have a purpose.)

Hope this helps you to understand why some people need religion.
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Marissa Carpenter
But how do you think your ancestors were created in the first place, huh? And who do you think created the planets anyway? Where do you think we go when we die? And btw people dont have religion to outcast others. God is not a religion- he is the truth and the way. And if you are so smart and you know exactly everything about the past and where we come from- then answer my questions.
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No-one on here should tell you to believe or not believe, you need to research both science and religion and see which version of science/the many religions/agnosticism make sense to you.

I was raised Catholic, then considered myself just a Christian, then agnostic and now atheist. It was a long journey of research and emotional difficulty (losing out on the comfort religion provides can be difficult) but I'd rather not lie to myself just to be comforted. Atheism is what makes sense to me after reading the bible and theories of pantheism, agnosticism and atheism. Make sure you read the text of the bible, not people's interpretations of it, they tend to gloss over the parts that say you should take your slaves from neighboring countries and things like using death by stoning as punishment for the smallest crimes.

Admittedly I didn't do as much research into non-christian religions such as Judaism, Sikhism, Islam etc, once I learnt their fundamental concepts I dismissed them as I knew they weren't for me. Secular Humanism and Buddhism both have elements that I agree with but again neither seem right for me.

Good luck on your journey.
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Why am I here on earth, in the bible God created man (Adam) to take care of the world he created birds of the air, fishs of the sea, animals that roams the earth and the fields in the field.
He wanted us take care of these world not to abuse it.
Is there a God. Yes I do. If we do not have God, we won't be here. He created us. 
He is in Heaven.
He is an all knowing God. He knows everything even your hinden secrets.  He loves us that why he sent His Son Jesus to died on the cross for our sins and no matter how many times we may hurt Him or hate Him or ignore Him or disregard Him saying He does not exist and that there is no God, HE STILL LOVES US! HE STILL LOVES US!

That is who my GOD is .
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There is no way to prove that God exists. There is no way to prove that anything supernatural exists by measuring anything in the natural world. If it were measurable in the natural world it would no longer be supernatural. If you have come to a factual conclusion about something that there is no evidence for then you are delusional. You do not perceive reality as the rest of the human race(most of it anyways). If you are so scared of dying that you need to subscribe to this dogma then go for it. If it gives your life meaning then that is sad that your life did not have meaning before you bought in to it. However, if you realize that you shouldn't worry about what happens after your life is over and just live your life to the best of your potential. You will find that need for any type of speculation or faith about the afterlife is quite unnecessary. Our lives which last for 00.000000583941606% of the cosmic calender are something which should be thoroughly appreciated however not so much that we miss living it.
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Yes, there is a God and he create you for a purpose and to know more about God and his life, I think you should take out your time and go to a Christian Bookshop and buy a book called the BIBLE. You will discover how the earth was created and everything about the life and death of the Lord Jesus Christ and the purpose of your being here on earth.
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Ask your Mom and Dad!
Do you believe in faith....
Let me know if you find him....
Probably you should ask him yourself.

Good luck.
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Yes, you can find out for yourself, go to hubpages.com and take the experiment to find out that He is real.
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Marissa Carpenter
You dont have to search on the internet to know that he is real. Plus its funny that you say so- when god is the one that made the people who make the internet.

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