What will happen at the end of the world?


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The time passes and continually day by day, so the world won't end, but the human beings are different. We'll all die- we don't know when because it depends on our health.

Such is life, we won't know Our destiny , the world won't end. It goes round year by year.

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No one will ever know as we wont be around anymore,  but then neither will be all the evil that has caused the world's demise

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1. Jesus Christ will return

2. He will raise from the dead every single person who has ever lived

3. Those Christ has raised will be divided by Him into 2 groups:                   
a. Those who have been graciously forgiven their sins by faith in Jesus Christ alone

b. Those who have never have been forgiven

4. The believers (restored to a sinless state) will be given a completely restored creation, forever.

5. Those who have refused to trust in Jesus Christ will perish in hell, forever.

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What I figured out from a lot of studying and reading is that NASA has proven 2 things ,  - that the Andromeda galaxy is going to collide with our own galaxy,  the Milky Way, and that there is a black hole in the middle of our galaxy. It doesn't have enough energy to suck up our solar system, because everything that was around the black hole was sucked up. So when the two galaxies collide it will get enough energy form the collision that it will be strong enough to suck up the solar system. When it gets near earth it will break the meteorites out of orbit and they will be coming towards earth on fire (as in God said the earth will end in a ball of fire). 

When the meteorites hit and cause the earth to come in a ball of fire and the earth will be heading towards the black hole it will suck up the atmosphere first then the earth and surprisingly enough it will create one big galaxy. I call this the Angelina theory. so if it happens y'all know

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