What Is With People Asking If The World Will End In 2012? Are These Questions Bothering Anyone Other Than Me?


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The idea behind the world ending in 2012 originally comes from he fact that the Mayan Long Calender ends in 2012. Some academics and reactionaries have taken this to symbol some great prophecy that the world will end in this year. However, there are numerous theories as to why the calender ends on this date. If you want to worry about anything, worry about global warming and the destruction of the environment, 2012 is simply hype that has been intensified by the new movie.
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I know! I am starting to get scared with all these ppl saying we are all going to die and stuff
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It frustrates me too , what with all the people panicking about the next 2 years.  I believe the world will end when it ends. When god wants it to end. Good Blurting to you Xx.
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Well, because of computer technology time would of bought the world to a stand still.
It's techniques had a problem with the programing.
I don't think for a second the world will end, it'll probably get similar to live in.
Don't worry about it!
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I believe it but u should not worry and you never know it could end tomorrow and may be god may want it to end on 2012 and if you have a problem with my beliefs i dont think we should be friends V-mar218
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Your Worst Nightmare Ever
Huh?I don't mind any one's beliefs. They have a right to have their own opinion. On the other hand , there have been other underage guests , who heard about the 2012 things , and believed that. So , they are panicking and asking a lot of questions about it like " is the world going to end in 2012?". I loved the movie anyway , but I don't think it will happen unless god wants it to happen. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion , and I didn't mean to cause a fight. G'day :)
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I think kids are scared cuz they spend there life in school and not having fun :P
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Well im new to this sight but the whole conspiracy theory bothers me... People should stop predicting whats going to happen to the world and live everyday of there life not in fear... But enjoying it.
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Heaps of people say to me that the worlds going to end in 2012. But i think it's NOT true.
It annoys me alot.....but the mayan calender is very accurate so i really dont noe....but if it is thats why you should always think that life's a party like i do....lol
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It isn't really bothering me but it kinda creeps me out. My daughter gets pretty creeped out, too. Can you please be my friend by the way?

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