When someone gives a sworn testimony and the statement is made....do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God....what if the person giving the statement doesn't believe on God?


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I think that it varies by state and some even make it optional. You could always just end it by saying so help me "insert your name"  instead of so help me god or say on my honor instead.  One could call the court where they will be testifying and explain their non religious beliefs. I'm sure they would be accommodating.

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Don't catch them on a technical.  It is something the United States was built on.  You know they are asking you to tell the truth period. I hope your personal religious status is not what is in question.  A crime has been committed.   You are there to help solve the crime not become righteous on your personal assessment to the God issue. 

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Of course my religious status is not in question, I have my beliefs just as anyone does. I'm all for telling the truth to aid in prosecuting criminals, my point I guess is with all the different beliefs, I would never ask a Muslim to swear to a God they don't believe in....or someone from any religion for that matter, or lack thereof. It's not a matter of "becoming righteous" at all, I'd never ask anyone to do anything they didn't believe in, religious or not.
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Hi Angela~ I'm sorry if that sounded snippy. That wasn't my intent nor directed toward you personally. It just seems to me lately that people are being nit picky about everything. I also would not ask a Muslim to stop praying in the middle of the street at high noon even if they were causing a traffic jam. I would not ask Christians stop going to church on Sundays or tell Atheists TO go to church on any day if they didn't want to. I would not ask Jewish people to stop wearing a yarmulke . I am a true and strong believer in freedom of religion. I always have been.
In my world, anybody can believe in whomever or whatever they wish as long as they don't hurt anybody or anything in doing so.
I think people came to America in the pursuit of happiness and work hard at trying to achieve it.
Unfortunately, you can't please all the people all the time. Someone is going to be offended by something on any given day.
We have already changed the Pledge Allegiance to the flag and I think some schools don't even say it anymore. I don't even think they hang the flag. Now, that is sad.
There is no way to make everyone happy. It would be nice if we all learned to compromise. A little give and take is necessary.
I appreciate your input and again, I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. I look forward to reading you again soon and hope I can be of better assistance.
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I heard that in some areas secular people have to swear on the Constitution. Of course some have swore on Darwin's theory of evolution, but swearing on the Constitution seems more practical. Muslims would have to swear on the Koran.

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Regardless of a belief in God or not . . You will find those willing to lie will do so without pause or remorse, and definitely to save their own skin.  It makes absolutely NO difference in whether they believe in God or not. You forget, the Christian religion is based on Grace . . . Eternal underserving forgiveness . . All one has to do to make amends in this regard is repent on bended knee, before God ONLY.

Even Hitler and many serial killers can get into heaven via "Grace" . . . The Flaw in "God's Justice".

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