What do you think is the most likely way for the world to end?


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Hopefully with a big bang and no one feels a thing.

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The most popular theories seem to be:

  • Nuclear war
  • Epidemic disease
  • An asteroid

Personally, I'd like to think we'll survive one way or another. Stephen Hawkings recently said that humanities survival heavily depends on our ability to colonize other planets.

I strongly agree with that. Being able to set up colonies years away from Earth could protect our species if the scenarios above were to take place.

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Darling Divaa
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I just love anything Stephen Hawkings but the way man has evolved, i feel any other planet (if any) we go to will just have the same disastrous results as planet earth. Great answer by the way.
Yo Kass
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Thanks! Have you seen "The Theory of Everything"? I heard it's really good.
Darling Divaa
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No not yet but i plan on seeing it and you're welcome (:
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When people  become extremely bad,  when there's no good person in the world, and when the God gets angry.....then the world will go BOOM and he will destroy everything!

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It's in the Bible.  Read Revelation.  Everything that the Bible mentions about the end of the world is being fulfilled, so it's coming pretty soon.

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I don't think the world 'll end, whenever it is, it 'll never end, but on the contrary, we 'll die, it depends on our health, if we are healthy then we can live as long as we can, anyway, we can't see the world end, it 'll never end, whatever it happens.

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