Do you think the world will end this year? (Not What The Authorities or The End Of The World People Say). Please don't post religious and Biblical Links, Bible quotes. I want to know your thoughts.


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This part of the Universe will burn out eventually but not in my lifetime. Not in yours, either. We're good for a while yet.

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The "world we know" will not come to an end this year. Here is an answer about "the end of the world" that I gave here many years ago.


That depends on what you mean by "end". One day, billions of years in the future, our sun will become a red giant and our current orbit will actually place the earth inside the sun. Will that be the end?

It is possible that still further billions of years in the future our solar system will end up crushed into nothingness in the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. Is that the end you are thinking of?

Or do you mean the next natural disaster, like an asteroid or comet hitting the earth, causing a global extinction event, like the one that put an end to the dinosaurs? Is that the sort of end you mean?

Or, will man's stupidity cause an environmental disaster, thus putting an end to all human life on the planet? How about that for an end?

Gravitational interaction will almost certainly throw Venus or Mars (or even Earth, which lies between them (orbitally speaking)) out of orbit billions of years in the future. Whatever happens it won't be good for the World.

Lots of possible ends and much cleverer people than me cannot answer your question.


All species go extinct, sooner or later, that applies to mankind too.

That's also an end.

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No it won't. But earth is so unstable and would come apart every second. With help of humans and how we treating this earth soon or late it will be apart but not this year or in the recent years.

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I wish I could go into detail but what I think, no. I have no reason to think the world will "end" this year. The odds are astronomical that an ending would come that soon.

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Jan . . My Thoughts?

I hope not. Unfortunately one of the things we get to do or at least understand, is that we could be an asteroid away from extinction, or a super volcano away from another ice age . . . There are things our equipment can monitor, but once seen, there is little we can do about it. My vote is for a long long time until our sun dies or goes supernova . . . THIS, is inevitable.

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No, it will not. Or next year or the year after that.

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In my opinion the world won't end for a long long time. I think in years to come, if the world was to end, our generation of humans would be smart enough to stop it from happening. Saying this, many poeple thought the world was going to end on September 28th 2015 but we're all still alive and well aren't we...

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No chance me and rooster are going into the soylent green buisiness. So just keep population going the world will be overpopulated and no food so soylent green and shine is all you will have

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Is this a religious question, if so my answer is, no one knows when the end will be only God knows that, but he has given us things that we can see happening in the world that tells us how close we are and what we should be doing to prepare.  But if this a about philosophy I have no comment.

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Sorry but I do not really care ,, and like you I can ask questions when I choose you do not have to answer .
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WHAT The Sam Hill LOL. I'm going to take the high ground and let your foolish self have the last post. LOL. I give you permission to post.
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Thanks lol
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The planet will never be destroyed. The world of mankind alienated from God will be destroyed. I don't know when that will occur. There were signs given by Jesus to let his followers know when the time is close. Most of those signs have been fulfilled.

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From an actuarial perspective, my life is much more likely to end before the world does.

Since I have a respectable amount of time left according to the numbers, I would not expect it to end in 2016.

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No one really knows the answer in regards to the world's end. However, I'm pretty sure that the end's close is very near. It's getting harder and harder for me to watch the news. :(  My personal goal is live each day as if the world's end should come tomorrow! In this way I hope not to be caught off guard if the world's end should happen this year or in the near future. Take care, be safe! :)

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