Why does life exist? Mind you, I'm not looking for scientific or religious answers. More specifically, what is the purpose of life? I know humans are born, take other peoples' money, and die. I don't see a point to it...


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Everyone on earth has asked this question in their life.  How did we get here, what or who made us, and what is the meaning of life?

If we really did come from a chance explosion that produced a rock which morphed into a pile of cosmic slime 14 billion years ago, which slowly turned into this magnificently indescribably perfect system... Then life has absolutely no meaning whatsoever.  That is, "IF"...

But the fact of the matter is:  Our life did not originate from an explosion or monkeys.  Rather, the God of the Bible spoke this all into existence, and knit your very being into existence while you were in your mother's womb.  God created us to worship and give glory to Him, and gave us free in order to do so.  (Making robots that have no choice but to worship and glorify you wouldn't be very glorifying now, would it?)

So, the true meaning of life is this:  To give your life entirely to God and live for Him so that you may be useful, and to bring as many as possible to Christ.

Probably not the answer you wanted.  But I'm not here to give people the answers they want, I'm here to give them the answers they need.

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Dart, You don't want to listen to what I have to say, so do what you said you would 14 comments ago.
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Sorry Beierle, I admit your ongoing idiocy dragged me back into this thread.
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Maybe the purpose of life is to give life a purpose. Life exists through chance evolution. No one planned for us to be here or put us here for a reason, so if we want a purpose to life - and 'purpose' is a human invention/concept - we have to create it ourselves.

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Hmm...I just can't wrap my head around the purpose of coming into the world, manipulating (for lack of a better word. I'm guilty of manipulation on a major scale.) everything, and just leaving the world behind, like nothing ever happened.
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It is a tricky one.
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Interesting question.

I guess at its most basic, the point of life is the following:

1. Survive.

2. Reproduce.

I'm not a biologist, but evolution as I understand it, proves that every living thing on this planet is perpetually adapting to complete the above tasks to the best of its ability.

Of course day-to-day life involves much more than that, but I'd challenge you to name one thing we do that can't be linked to the above themes in some way.

From a philosophical point of view, I find it almost comforting.

No matter what happens in the world, the good and bad decisions we make, as long as we are surviving, and helping our species survive (either directly through reproduction, or indirectly by contributing to the system we've created around ourselves to preserve our species on this planet), then we're playing the game.

I find it interesting that you mentioned "taking other people's money" in your question too...

It makes my head spin when I try to contemplate what money actually is in the grand scheme of things... Who "owns" money? How did a piece of relatively commonplace material become more valuable than the substance it is made of?

My theory is that it's all part of the complex society we've developed in order to survive, as individuals and as a collective.

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