What is the meaning of life? ( Note: don't base on the meaning in the dictionary, give the meaning of life that came from you) πŸ˜ƒ


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To actually LIVE life.

Experience what you want to experience. Embrace those you love often. Make and KEEP real friends. Leave the world a little better then you found it.

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I think the meaning of life is to do things that make you happy with out doing any harm onto others ... For me that's drinking wine .. Finding the next great love of my life and not pushing him away.. Cos I'm a pusher.. Dancing when ever I get the chance .. And did I mention drinking wine ;)

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To understand that it is not all about you. It is what you can do for others.

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Some say that each life has a unique meaning. Others say we each make our own meaning. Yet others say we have one shared meaning, which we get from our relationship to God or family, friends or work.

I suppose there is truth to every position, because humans are meaning-seeking beings. We try to find a meaning in everything. We stand for kickoffs because some think it makes a difference. We take an ambiguous situation like a UFO sighting and extract meaning. We even take a perfectly understood event like JFKs shooting or the 9/11 hijackings, and make a fullblown conspiracy out of it. So I suggest we all will make meaning out of our lives, but they won't always be causally related to our reality. But if God is part of the equation, you must take His existence into account.

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Christianity gives one answer to this question. The reason that we are
here, according to Christianity, is that God created us to have a
relationship with him. This is why God created a universe fit for human
life, and why he laid down guidelines for how to live our lives.
According to Christianity, each one of us is created for communion with
God; God wants to know us, to love us, and to rejoice with us

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What seems pointless?
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I go to an animal shelter. I adopt a dog who i take home to live with me. What is the purpose of the dog? What is my purpose? Could it be that we merely are to enjoy our relationship, to deepen and enjoy it, and that is a meaning so profound it surpasses any utilitarian use for the dog (or master)?
What is the purpose of our friends? What is the purpose of our spouse? Its like asking what the weight of an idea is: category mismatch.
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Glad to read you Shiny
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To survive and reproduce.

Other than that, you're a human being. You're capable of doing just about anything you set your mind to (unless you have some kind of physical disability that stops you from doing so.) You do whatever you want in life.

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Rather than leave us to wander aimlessly in a universe devoid of purpose or meaning, the Bible has long revealed that we are here for a reason. Our existence is not the result of some cosmic accident. The Creator, we are told, took years to prepare the earth for man’s arrival. Nothing was left to chance. He made sure that everything was β€œvery good.” (Genesis 1:31; Isaiah 45:18) Why? It was because God had a purpose for man.

Yet, interestingly, God did not predestine the future of each individual, either by divine intervention or by some biological process. Although we are influenced by our genetic inheritance, we are largely in control of our actions. We are all free to choose our own course in life.

While it is up to each of us to choose what to do with our life, it would be a mistake to exclude the Creator from our deliberations. Actually, many have discovered that real meaning and purpose in life is bound up in a relationship with God.

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This a question that has already received very good answers, and its personal nature inspires various responses of great interest.

Long term, I would say that the meaning to life is related to the purpose of life, which manifests itself in millions of humans who naturally search for it; who search for purpose.

Genesis 1:31 reveals to us the intent of Jehovah, who enjoyed creating what was "good", that it might also be enjoyed by others, who were also the product of his kindly desire.

"After that, God saw everything he had made, and look!  It was very good."

Genesis 2:15 states: "Jehovah God took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden, to cultivate it and to take care of it."

And this statement followed Genesis 1:28, which says: "Further, God blessed them, and God said to them: β€œBe fruitful and become many, fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving on the earth.”

These verses seem to express what that purpose is, by revealing that Jehovah designed humans to care for, cultivate, explore, manage and enjoy the planet and its life- in a way that honors God, and benefits humans, by maintaining health and an environment that provides planetary life with continuous balance, and the human family with indefinite prospects for life and a thrilling future.

And in fact, what is that humans wish to do, when they have the opportunity? 

To enjoy nature, and its panoramic beauty!

But this purpose involves responsibility- which is a good thing, that nurtures self-respect and maturity.  And results in the need and desire to serve God, and act in harmony with His purposes and principles.

The meaning of life, then, is tied to 'purpose', and involves fulfilling the human commission to extend Jehovah's cultivated example of planetary beauty, and enjoy the responsibility of service to "Jehovah God", indefinitely.

"My mouth will recount your righteousness, All day long your acts of salvation, though they are too many for me to grasp.  I will come and tell about your mighty acts, O Sovereign Lord Jehovah; I will mention your righteousness, yours alone."- Psalms 71:15-16 

It is also satisfying to know, that within this purpose, humans are free to pursue their own, righteous desires, which will express their unique traits and individual abilities.  And add additional meaning to life.

"So I recommended rejoicing, because there is nothing better for man under the sun than to eat and drink and rejoice; this should accompany him as he works hard during the days of his life, which the true God gives him under the sun."- Ecclesiastes 8:15

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