How do you know if you sensed God's presence?


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Betty Boo answered

I have felt that presence. I feel very emotional and like I might need to cry 

Somehow I know its from above 

I'm left in awe 

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Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
I know exactly what you mean, Betty. I've experienced that awe. I may not share your interpretation, but I wouldn't take away any of the magic

C.S.Lewis's autobiography "Surprised By Joy" is about a lifetime spent in search of that feeling. He called it Joy but it's the same feeling you described. He said that it came so rarely, but when it did, it was worth waiting for.

And, as surprising as it is, even to myself, I can feel the memory stirring even as I right. So thank you for a pleasant moment. :)
Betty Boo
Betty Boo commented
Touching thoughts.
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Darik Majoren answered

I have had tears of joy and assigned it to "God's Presence" . . I have experienced vast awe in the midst of an emotional congregation and assigned it to "God's Presence" . . . I have sense that sense of purpose and not being alone and assigned it to "God's Presence" . . .

When I gained Clarity and Reason, and was baptized in the waves of epiphany that brought forth rational knowledge . . . I knew that none of the former feelings . . . Had anything to do with "God's Presence".

The mind is a wonderful thing, and the situations that cause a surge in chemicals to it, can feel . . .  For lack of a better word . . Religious.

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
And for lack of a better word then "religious", "atheistic" seems to work quite well.
Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
Wow, your lack of knowledge regarding Atheism still astounds . .

SO, situations that cause a surge of chemicals to the brain can be "an absence of belief in regards to God/Gods"?

Is that what you're going with?
Cyber Tooth Tiger Profile

That is something I still need to figure out but I am still a believer..

Asma Jamil Profile
Asma Jamil answered

Well if there would be no God then probably you wouldn't be here also. This whole universe is the prove of God's presence.

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Kr Ashwin , God is Great, answered

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