How Do You Know If You're Psychic?


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There are many symptoms of being psychic. Theses are
  1. Lack of sleep, 3-4 time waking up at night, restlessness after waking up.
  2. Changes in emotions like crying without any reason or when you loose minor things like your hat.
  3. Changes in weigh
  4. Changes in eating habits.
  5. Emotional and mental confusion
There can be many more symptoms but to completely diagnosis the problem, it is necessary to visit a psychiatrist.
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You would already know the answer. Lol... You may have frequent bouts of deje vu. Or, Walk to the front door to find someone ready to ring the bell. Or, answer a difficult question & not know how you came to that conclusion. If your really interested, e-mail your states university & ask for info from the head of the psychs dept. Some send out questionnaires just for their own analysis in an ongoing study. They may tell you of a study in your own area. Good "reading" to you. You must already know who I am?
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Hi. It'S normally pretty obvious to the one who is experiencing it. As said above, there are many signs. I found with me that the more I meditated, the more this type of thing came to the fore. If you had to ask this question, you must have some idea of what you are capable of. Cheers, sweetie.
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Good news! You are definately a psychic, love. :) congradulations! Now that you know you  might want to start getting better control over them. Sounds hard I no but really it isn't :) this can be a beautiful gift or a curse depending on how you like your abilities. Sometimes they can be both thats a normal feeling. By feeling other peoples emotions means your empathic and you have premonitions in your dreams. I don't exactly no how to call that but they are called psychic dreams yeah I no I wouldnt have guessed they would call them that either hahah jk. I am a clairaudience and clairsentience psychic. Clairaudience is when you have the ability to hear sounds that the physical ear can't pick up and clairsentience is the ability to percieve information out of range of regular perception. Also called clear thinking or clear knowing. :) if you need any help or advice on how to keep in control of your intuitions or empathy message me or something id be more than happy to help
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There are many things that people do when they are psychic, there are different types and degrees to it, I do what is known as post cognitive awareness, I pick up on things about the past, people who have passed away, some people say they can see the future for people, others use their emotions, others are precognitive, and so much more.
You would greatly benefit from checking out some books from the library, and reading up on it to find out what your ability you have, if indeed you are psychic in one way or another. Hope this helps you out, good luck.
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I'm interested to know whether the death was expected or unexpected?

Dreams are a very interesting and very special part of life. They are not usually predictive but that doesn't make them any less worth while - they can be profoundly informative about your emotional, psychological, spiritual or physical state. The are well worth noting in a notebook.

I am not sure what you mean exactly by seeing things through others' eyes.

How did you know you felt the other guy's pain? Did you stop him and ask him?

Being sensitive to others' emotional states is not the same thing as being psychic.

It helps to stay clearheaded and objective about such things.

It is well worth remembering that being psychic doesn't mean you are more spiritually evolved than someone else, or better than someone else ...

... And indeed as a path, they say it can be full of snares, traps and pitfalls.
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Well, there aren't symptoms of being psychic, you just are. It depends on what type of ability you have, it really isn't all that hard to figure out, talk to your friends about it and see if they will help you out, have them sit with you, and you should start to concentrate on their energy, you might start to pick up on some things, and then you can ask them about it, or tell them what you are getting, and see if you are right.
I do what is known as post cognitive awareness, with being a knower, and a little prediction stuff, but it is never anything large like the world trade center. Usually about people I know. The post cognitive is picking up on the past, and knowing things. So, it just depends on what you can do, and it's a matter of reading about it, go and get some books on it, and learn to develop your talent. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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You know if you're psychic if you hear voices or if you can tell things about strangers and different people. Most psychic people can work out many things such as the future of a person by just looking at them. It depends on you and your personality. Often if you're quite mysterious or weird you can have many psychic powers. You are usually someone who is a bit of an outsider and doesn't always fit in to be a popular person.
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Hi! I am psychic, I know I am. When my mom is bringing groceries in the house and I about to ring the bell, I am already at the door. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, then I will go back to bed and wake up 30 minutes later. And it is like that the whole night. When my friend is sad or my sister is sad, I start to cry sometimes. My weight always change one day I weigh 91 pounds, then the next day , I way 86! I will eat fast one meal, and the next I eat so slow my mom is done before me!
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Yes, ive had a lot of similar things happen like that myself I can visualize it happening before it happens and ive even stopped really dangerous things from happening to my brother and myself. I could sit here all day and type about them, just go with your gut feelings, trust them and you will find its stronger than you realised. I'm a romany, my mum is also like this, she dreams things before they happen the day before it happens. We have what people would say is a sixth sense and can sense when somethings about to happen.
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Hey, fellow psychic. This happens to me. We are both psychic. I told a psychic that I have dreams that happen later on and he said I'm psychic! My psychic abilitys sometimes suck! They spoiled the end of my game!:(
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As stated before psychics are not symptoms but feelings.  Based on different abilities ie....

Clairvoyance is the ability to "see" psychically.
Clairaudience is the
ability to "hear" intuitively
Clairsentience is the ability to "feel"
Clairaroma or clairscent, is the ability to
Clairgustus or clairsavourance, is the ability to "taste"

found this on here:

hope it helps
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Haha yeah well true to all of these answers. I'm thirteen years if age and a Christian, and from a Christian family too. I'm for sure a psychic and can do things that seem abnormal. It always scares me sometimes because one minute your so called "vision" is there then its not. I am a born psychic. Never died and came back to life... Never had a mere death experience. I remember as a seven year old I would see things. I have such a vivid and creative imagination, that's just what I rolled with. Then in English class my friend was telling me about when all the numbers of a year a month and a day are the same it has something to do with the devil and so on. But I did not believe that. (I still don't I am DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH BEING A CHRISTIAN AND NO MATTER HOW HARD THIS GETS I WON'T LET IT TOY AROUND WITH MY RELIGION.) The day was 9-9-9 which is 6-6-6 upside down. When I told her I didn't believe that I ripped the loose leaf off my paper and put it under my binder. My teach was done talking and I was about to throw the paper away. I lifted my binder and the paper was in the shape of a 9. (This is no lie no joke I swear on my life and soul and if I am lying the God can strike me down.) Ever since then I noticed it more... It's scary really....
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First off, you need to ask yourself, what is a psychic? And I think I can define that for you. A psychic is a person who taps into the spiritual world, the reason that they are able to know supernatural things or things about a person is because they summons demons or demonic forces and get information from them. Demons are real and demonc forces are real, and they use humans as hosts to feed off of and to gain power , remember that when satan and 1/3 of the angels were thrown down from heaven God stripped him of his power, he became a devil and the angels are as we know them to be the demonic forces. (Isaiah 14:12-15). We need to know that psychics have not just come about, but they have been around from the bible days, they weren't called psychics in those days but, they were called: Voodoo workers, workers of divination,sorceres etc. If you are experiencing such supernatural things,  my advice would be to pray and ask God to help you. Things like this aren't God's will, and the more you tap into it the more satan will destroy you, the bibles says that "satan comes to still and destroy", so if I were you I would pray and ask God to help me. This is no picnic, its no game. "satan comes as an angel of light"  he just wants your soul. Remember there is know in between its either God or satan, life or death PLEASE choose life. 
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Do you know someone is going to call you just before they do??
Have you ever walked into a room and felt a bad feeling and knew something was wrong and it was?
Can you just sense it when someone is upset even if they don't say anything ?
Have you dreamed about something that came true later?
If you answered yes to most of these I would say you are.
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I think the biggest symptom might be fear, which can sometimes be indescribably intense.  It's like a battery, sometimes charged and sometimes not.  You know it.  It just happens.   People don't like it.  For example, using an empty public restroom with someone and having multiple sinks come on at the same instant...
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Just because you have dreams or have a gut feeling does not mean anything. My grandmother and father have the ( gift). Now has been passed down to me. You can not ask if you are psychic, you just know. I can see things two minutes before something happens, not the night before in my dream. I can also heal the bad and the good. And I know who people are by looking in there eyes. So If you have the gift you will know!
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Tiredness. Everything at you at the same time, it's like a world of work keeping yourself sane, seeing things takes quick action its there and then its gone. Seeing them causes a quick heart beat a. . . .I do suppose it would depend no person ever has the same thing. Like you can look at a cloud and it will move a second later, no person/physic ever has the exact symptoms of the others.
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Hi , I think you 'd know when we think a lot of troubles, and we are not happy and upset so these symtom are negative, if we think of it day by day, we 'll have the bad spirit and we 'll become ill, then we don't want to do somethings, we are sad so if it's serious that we should go to see the medicine, it's important that we should have a good mood in our life.
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Ok so one time I cried when I lost this like teddy bear it was random and I wake up at night and I do weigh Different pounds and I get these feelings like if I hear someone talking I can finish their sentance and I'm right and I also feel things that are going to happen and I'm right so would I be psychic
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One time I had a dream that my cousin went to jail and I told my mama and when she told my cousin she said in return that she probably will as much as she be stealing and as time went by she went to jail but for beating up her exboyfriends fiance.
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By nature we all have this sixth sense but restricted to some level. The person having quite good sixth sense often qualifies as psychic reader etc. A person with low psychic abilities will make some misjudgment quite often to make you feel deceived.
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You can't tell by yourself if you are psychic or not. You needed to be checked by doctor first and then he will tell you about your deviation from normal behavior.

Everyone dreams and every dream has a meaning. You need to check the meaning of your dream from books or some scholar and you can also search some good information from the internet.
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Hai I'm in India earlier I got a psychic experiences I predict ten cards which my friend choose but after that my power its gone but nw I'm trying to regain it..

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