If you were to start a religion on your own beliefs, what be the most important of your Ten Commandments?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

If I created a religion then Mountain Dew would be considered Holy Water and Apple products would be of the devil! Good luck to you.

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Commandment #1---Eat pizza at least once a week.

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Ancient Hippy
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Drip some sauce on your knuckles, lick it off and go forth and EAT PIZZA.
Diane  Howard
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Jesus was asked that same question at Matthew 22:36 ' Teacher,which is the greatest commandment in the Law ? At verse 37 He said to him: " You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and your whole soul and with mind. Verse 38 says : This is the greatest and first commandment .
Ancient Hippy
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Yep, right behind eating pizza.
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Sheldon Cooper answered


And " live long and prosper "

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Taylor Brookes answered

If I started a religion it wouldn't have ten commandments because they are a christian belief and as I am not christian, a religion based on my beliefs would not be christian either.

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Ray Dart answered

Thou shalt not own a cat.

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Jaimie  JT
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That is going on my list of Ten Commandments as well :) I don't dig on cats ... They're snobs that poop in boxes in people's homes.
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My Ten Commandments would be...

1.  Treat others the way you would want to be treated
2.  (Refer to Commandment #1)
3.  (Refer to Commandment #1)
4.  (Refer to Commandment #1)
5.  (Refer to Commandment #1)
6.  (Refer to Commandment #1)
7.  (Refer to Commandment #1)
8.  (Refer to Commandment #1)
9.  (Refer to Commandment #1)
10. (Refer to Commandment #1)

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Matt Radiance answered

1.Put humanity above everything & count humanity very valuable.

2.Respect each other.

3.Don't judge others.

4.Love often & spread love.

5.Care about your kind (Humans)

6.Humans shouldn't attended to be divided by background or gender, Every human has the equal right.

7.Laugh often,be happy & positive.

8.Never lose hope,Never give up, You can do it, Always keep moving forward & believe in yourself.

9.Watch your thoughts,They become words,Watch your words,They become actions,Watch your actions,They become habits,Watch your habits,They become  character,Watch your character,It becomes your destiny.

10.Don't let anyone makes you someone that you're not,Don't let anyone put you in the path you don't wanna be in,Think,Analyse & choose your own path as you wish as you be happy.

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Jaimie  JT
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This is a religion I could get into ... No wonder I picked you for my couch !!! ;)
Matt Radiance
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That's interesting to know!
hahaha! yea no wonder, You always know what you doing ;) !! BAM!
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PJ Stein answered

1. Treat others with respect.

2. Actually listen to what others are saying.

3. Think before you react, and think it all the way through.

4. Look before you leap.

5. Move over for emergency vehicles.

6. Don't drive slow in the fast lane.

7. Use your turn signal to show you are changing lanes, and at least 100 feet before you turn off a road.

8. Do no harm to animals. If you hunt to eat, only kill what you eat, and do so quickly and humanely.

9. Laugh at yourself.

10. Remember to take time to play everyday.

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