Do You Think Its A Good Idea To Convert Your Religion If You Were To Marry Someone With Another Religion Than Yours?


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No, stick to your beliefs, if your partner has different beliefs than that's okay everyone is different, surely you would fight over it, it's against any god to involve violence,
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If you're converting only to marry and not because you believe, then i would consider you a hypocrite and i don't believe that it would be ethical or within the tenets espoused by any religion. But if you have no problem with your spouses religion and believe in it, then by all means convert. And if this is not a hypothethetical question, congratulations on your impending marriage :)
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As long as you are not forced to convert to judaism, which is not tolerant of conversions.
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No way...i don't think so....
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Many couples find it easier to go to their own church on Sunday.  But it is best if both people are the same faith.  THe Bible tells Christians not to be unequally yoked- believer with non believer.
Otherwise- someone always gets hurt
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Richard Wilen
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I agree with you if you don't have some that have the same faith as you slet the yoke in two. But don't for get to plant the seed till them about Jeasus and if it don't work well try again. As what jeaus says if you plant the seed in band ground and and don't see it grow try again and toss the old seed in to the fire. Jeasus love all of us matter if we kill some one or we are a goodie type of person just plant the seed let her go to her church just plant the seed and remimber thing don't grow it
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If you don't water it
martha commented
I think the book of Peter tells us, that if a believer does marry a non believer- than by the believers godly attitude and Christlike spirit and servanthood, the non beleiver may be won over.
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I all way think it better fine some one that has the same. Or like what like the bible say you should fine some the same in RELIGION but if you are not than your kid are not holy but really who holy
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I think its important if you stick to your beliefs, you dont have to convert to a different religion to prove you love your partner. If you believe that converting is going to bring you closer together then go for it but it is not necessary.

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