I'm Christian but I have been doubting it for a while now.. I believe someone out there is higher but, what gets me thinking if God loves us, why does it say in the bible that gays cannot be together? And that being gay is a sin?


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Those are just two of many, many reasons why lots of people believe there is no god. If you still think that there is some sort of god or higher power or spirits, ect. But you are struggling to accept what the bible says, why not take some time to research other religions? Maybe you'll find one that speaks to you and that you can embrace fully. 

Whatever happens, don't let anyone tell you what to believe or that you are wrong in what your believe or that you shouldn't question what you've been told: Blindly accepting things leads to prejudice and hatred. Religion is a very personal choice, so don't follow a religion if it doesn't feel right to you. Best of luck :)

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Part of the answer is that people mistake love as being God's only attribute when it is not. If any attribute is above the others it would be holiness. God has lain His law out for marriage as being between one man and one woman for life. There are many different passages in the Bible referring to homosexuality as a sin. 

God's holiness demands that He cannot see sin as acceptable. However, the Bible also points out that God does not hate the person, only the sin. Best of luck my friend.

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Yeah I was incorrect, it was introduced to the US by Ferdinand Schumacher, in 1854. He then went on to start the Quaker Oat company.
Wrong, the Romans only gave a passing glance to Oats. From your referenced post - "It is only relatively recently that most people have begun to appreciate the qualities of oats. Ancient Greeks and Romans thought oats were nothing more than diseased wheat. The Romans used it only as fodder for horses . ."
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Yeah. That is what I meant. (sort of)
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So wait, was Ferdinand an actual Quaker or not . . I can't find anything on his religious background . . . oh well this was never about cereal . . . . hmmm . . . cereal.
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My brother, who attended seminary, made a post about the SCOTUS ruling on "gay marriage" on his Facebook wall ... Wondering why Christians were happy with the ruling, when God says it's a sin.

I pointed out that the Bible also states in multiple verses that God "knew us" before we were in the womb.  So why would an omnipotent God create people who have brains hardwired towards homosexuality, if He thinks it's a sin?
My brother responded that God didn't create that in their brain - it is the result of previous people's sin warping His creation.

So we have an alleged "all knowing" God that knew before the first sin, that it would result in warping His creation.  And that same "all powerful" God not only allowed it to happen ... This same God, who is allegedly "Just", punishes those "defective" works when they had no choice in the matter.

As an Atheist ... Anyone who believes in the Abrahamic God can keep Him.

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I have adhered to altruism and self sacrifice as being nothing more then the survival of self through the possibility of legend and notoriety. Even if exists on a subconscious level, these acts not only define someone as a "Great" person but one worth remembering . . . Heck even the Serial Killer will come out blazing in a "Self Sacrificial" leap unto notorieties' shoulders.
We want to be remembered and this is the only true way to be immortalized if we do not have children and are not producing creative works that create a marker stone that WE WERE HERE.
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You may be right, Shiny ... the last research I read on it being genetic was years ago.

However, we do know that men and women's brains function differently. Do you know of any research regarding transexual's brain "wiring"?
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Another thought is ... if it's completely a choice of "free will" - what about examples of homosexuality in nature?

Maybe it's an example of those animals evolving beyond merely acting on instinct? Hmmmmm.
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He says the same thing about divorce and adultery. Doesn't seem to stop the Bible Belt from having the highest divorce rate. And you don't see them eating their babies either for disobeying god.

Leviticus 26:27-30

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Statisticians are quick to point out that being a Bible Belt married person does not increase your risk of divorce. There just are more marriages in those states. There is more shacking up in blue states than in red states. Did you think to point that out?
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The Jews say that God's first commandment is to "be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth", so that anything which seems designed to get in the way of that commandment is likely going to merit the disapproval of the Commander. 

Gay behavior is not just against Judaism's core, it is opposed by literally every major religion, and it is only a few sects of any religion that endorse homosexuality. The question is, are you right, or is religion right?

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Well, then you are left to try and determine if God is the author of the Bible, or Primitive man with their limited ideas of what love is. Notice there is nothing in the Bible against a woman loving another woman . . .

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Romans 1:26 says: For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature...
The Greek is pretty specific here. Almost all commentators say it's talking about lesbianism being against nature. Are trying to say that Paul has nothing against lesbianism?
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This actually works better when you use it contextually with the following verse. Romans 1:27.
26 by itself doesn't really amount to anything, but it uses the following verse (27) as a point of reference when it compares men having relations with other men . . . . is this literally the only verse for Lesbianism?
Don't get me wrong, it is a good one to use a reference, but there are far more for men . . . or is there another one?
Thanks for sharing that Shiny.
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It says that because homosexuality is not on course with the purpose of mankind.

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The Bible was written by men, and men make mistakes.  Each writer in the Bible may have had different beliefs, and written them in.  Remember, the people in the Bible are not heroes.  Also, I believe in science.  I believe that evolution happens because God wants it to.  Maybe the Big Bang theory (although I don't believe it)happened because God wanted it to.  Humans measure days by the sun, so who's to say the time in a day was the same when God created the universe? Also, being gay is a biological thing, when you are in the womb the amount of different chemicals you are exposed to determines your sexuality, so obviously God doesn't care whether or not you are homosexual.

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I love my husband and daughter too. That doesn't mean they never do anything wrong or I won't yell or correct them.

There r some sins God will just not tolerate. Being homosexual is one of them.

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