who created to Universe, the planets, the sun, the skies, the world? How does this apply to religion?


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Evolution/ time / gravity / the Big Bang

Created everything, and it has nothing to do with any religion..

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The scientific community, as well as a growing number of world citizens explain creation via the Big Bang Theory. A massive explosion that naturally formed everything.
Theists believe that a god or gods created everything. It's just a matter of personal beliefs, opinions and faith.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Since I can neither prove or disapprove any theory out here and being a very religious man, I'll stick with God  even though even that raises some very interesting questions like where did God come from?.  Its not for me to question who and what and when the world was made so I'll always believe in the one theory that I was raised with until someone can prove otherwise

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Why ask the question in such a biased manner as "Who created..."?  The unbiased question would be phrased as "What caused...".  Because the evidence only points to a cause, and that cause could be natural, preternatural, or supernatural.  I would tend to go with preternatural in terms of what caused the Big Bang and what we refer to as "the laws of nature", while natural laws took over from the instant of the Big Bang.

As to how the existence of the universe pertains to religion, religion was an attempt to satiate the human mind's innate quest for knowledge of an often violent and chaotic world, and save for the existence of the knowledge we have gained over the millennia, gods and a spirit world helped us cope with those gaps in our understanding.

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Interesting comment, Cal.

The meaning of Jehovah's name has actually been translated as: 'He Causes to Become'.

And Science is struggling to help people cope with gaps, too.

But I agree that most religion- apart from some rare minorities, have functioned in they way you describe.

I think 'emotionalism' and 'religious popularism' is widespread, also; with distasteful results, actually.

Have a good day, Cal
CalTex - Doug Morgan
Thanks for your insights, Dash. Be well.
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You, too, Cal!
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How.. Well, religion gives easy answers to things we are not mature enough (as a species) yet to know/understand. Which is perfectly okay for some people.

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This question applies to religion because it is one of the points used to argue both sides. Religious people answer the question 'who created the universe' with god. Non-religious people answer this question by admitting that they don't know, but they find the idea of a god creating the universe implausible and so do not believe.

Personally, I believe that no-one created the universe.

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Everything that you named was created by a Master Designer and Creator. If we use our powers of reason, we can see, in creation, an expression of unlimited power and control. Chance or blind forces cannot exercise purposeful control, or establish any laws. Law and control are evidences of the invisible qualities of a Master Architect. Also, think about the care with which the universe (including our solar system and planet earth) is put together! Does not it provides every good thing for the life of humankind, which indicates great love and great concern? These are traits that can belong only come from an intelligent and compassionate personality, God.

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I certainly believe the everything was created by the GOD of the universe.  Religion is another matter.  For me my life is about FAITH in GOD but not religion.  Jesus not only brought us salvation but demonstrated the beauty of faith.  Ever since then, humans have been messing it up with this thing they've created called religion.

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Well I believe in the Big Bang, evolution, and God . Others believe that God was the only thing that created the universe because it's in the bible. Religion ( I think) is just a huge theory to tell where  we come from and where we're going after death. So people theorized how the world was created so they just think something up and use that theory.

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It is amazing how it can be accepted that everything we know about and see was created by someone, and when it comes to the most important creation ourselves, we deviate from that basic principle. One can only wonder why it is that we can stumble up on a house in the woods and wonder who created it, and look at the greatest creation and give no thought to their being a creator. What is stranger than that we are urged to believe that this alright. How could possibility mastermind such a phenomenal feat

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