How Come There Is Nothing In The Bible That Was Actually Written By Jesus Himself?


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There was not a whole lot of writing going on at that particular time unless you were a trained scribe.
Matthew and John were two of his Apostles. They both wrote gospels. Mark was a disciple of Peter who was an Apostle of Jesus. Mark wrote a gospel. Luke was a friend of Paul and Timothy both disciples of Jesus. Luke wrote a gospel and The Book of Acts.
Maybe he did write something but it was destroyed, or, lost. Maybe his writings will be found someday, like other writings are being found today buried from long ago. One thing he did do, though, he lit a spiritual-flame, that is still burning 2,000 years later, and without writing a thing...
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Beceause He was the Word! Read John. 1:1-14..In the beginnng was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God! Vs.14 and the Word was made flesh and dwelt amoung us and we beheld His Glory! Read Rev,19:13... In Him embodied all the treasures of the divine wisdom, the collective thought of God. 1cor.1:24...Eph.3:11..Col.2:2,3...Christ is the written, living Word!..Genaveve
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Because he is the Living Word of God.
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Because the New testament period started with holy spirit sent from heaven on the day of Pentecost which was after the resurrection of Jesus Christ

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