Do you think there is more good or bad in the world?


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Didge Doo answered

Undoubtedly, Good wins.

It ain't perfect, but if there was more Bad than Good we would descend into anarchy.

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Maurice Korvo answered

There is more good, and more bad. The Population of the world has increased. But the ratio's, I believe, of good and bad people are the same as always.

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Dexter Morgan answered

I think we are currently in the end times, and that there is more bad in the world - its on the news daily, Isis burning people alive or cutting of their heads, people walking into theaters and shooting for no reason, people murdering marines - There always seems to be terrible things happening and no way to stop it.

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Maurice Korvo
Maurice Korvo commented
Its on the news daily because that is what keeps the ratings up. Not necessarily because "bad" has increased.
Nov Noveltman
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We're not in end times. You can't even adequately explain what this god thing is, no less predict when "it" is going to "end" everything...
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Jessie Swift answered

I know I am a good. That is enough.

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Frederick Fisk answered

Most probably balanced. Without balance, we wouldn't exist. Without good, we wouldn't have bad and vice versa. I don't think bad is more abundant, it's just more often talked about.

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Asma Jamil answered

World has both good or bad in equal ratio. But it seems that in future there will be more bad than good.

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Nov Noveltman answered

Fortunately, there is way more good in the human world than there is bad. But if we look out at nature, we'll see a lot of things we'd describe as "bad". Cuthroat, get ahead by any means, predators over-consuming prey until they die of starvation until prey numbers can come back up. It's ugly. But humanity has culture and civilization. We're not free from our evolutionary roots, but we are able to recognize how far we've come.

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sm cl answered

I feel like there is definitely more good than bad, but the bad that does appear is becoming worse.

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