If I Am Christian, Can I Still Believe Parts Of Evolution?


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The two actually go hand in hand,science /evolution doesn't disprove religion ,and visa versa .science is trying to understand begins ,creations. Only ignorant people try to disprove science or religious beliefs.
There are mistakes in science and mistakes in beliefs,openness to new thoughts and discoveries is for the wise.
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Absolutely, my friend. "evolution", like "meditation", for example, is a term which is very misinterpreted today. Without going into a long spiel here, may i suggest you do some research on your own? I will give you a few websites to get you started. 1) christian-thinktank.com; 2) everystudent.com; 3) gotquestions.org [here you can register, for free, to receive an email newsletter which will offer a new question/answer]; 4) carm.org; 5) rationalchristianity.net; 6) equip.org [this is the original Christian Research Institute website, founded by Dr. Walter Martin, one of the great Christian apologists of the 20th century]; 7) icr.org. These will provide you with some very enlightening knowledge about the similarities/parallels and differences between evolution and creationism. Have fun discovering the truth, Burgergal.
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I wrote a poem while investigating into the different world views!

The Magnanimous Stratification of the “OR”

Gen1:1 “OR” big “gaseous” bang, odorous

Six days “OR” billions of years, a crap game
Creation orchard “OR” tree of life, trunk less
Own kind “OR” pond scum, slimy
God’s image “OR” apes, cognitive of a 3yr old.

Holy dominion “OR” cannibalistic regime, eat our family!
Morality “OR” carnality, express all lust
Liberty “OR” eugenics, forced sterilization
Natural Selection “OR” haggad and hamni, syrian gods of luck and fate
Fossils: God spoke and they wer so, “OR” The Cambrian Explosion, “Where are the ancestors”?

God’s judgment worldwide flood “OR” no God, their cognitive is a god
Good science, truth “OR” bad science, lies
Creation “OR” evolution
The magnanimous stratification of the “OR”
Believe life “OR” chose death


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I totally disagree with my friends, if you a good christian there is no need for you to believe in evolution, because in the bible its says God created human beings in his own image. This means that we didn't evolve from anything as the scientist says but its God that created us
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Rhodess, it's obvious that you know well enough that man did not evolve from anything and that's great. However, there are other aspects of evolution which have absolutely nothing to do with our belief in the Creation! I know that the word itself evokes much emotion. But, if we remain objective and do our research, we will understand its full meaning and application. Why don't you check out some of the websites i mentioned in my answer. They are all Christian sites.

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