What is the most accurate translation of the bible?


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Here is a statistic that is worth considering if you want an unbiased opinion. Check this one out

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The Critical Text is best known for its accumulated resources that give primary attention to delivering the most direct translation of the Scriptures, without emphasis on popular inclination or doctrine., so as to preserve the most accurate wording possible.

Critical rules of biblical interpretation:

• The reading is less likely to be original if it shows a disposition to smooth away difficulties.

• Readings are approved or rejected by reason of the quality, and not the number of supporting witnesses.

• The most accurate reading best explains the existence of other readings.

• The most accurate reading makes the best sense; that is, it best conforms to the period grammar of the reader, and is agreeable with the rest of the sentence and of the larger context.

Objective examination and continual readjustment, are important features of comparative texts that rely on the earliest manuscripts as source material, rather than the more distant texts, alone.

Comparative texts are thus 'living texts', rather than 'dead' ones.
That is, they are continually undergoing reexamination and needed adjustment, to correct undetected error and maintain readability and adjustment to the contemporary vocabulary.
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I wish to respectfully, yet frankly, respond to one of the replies, which, instead of answering the question by presenting the translation the author of the comment prefers, decided to attack a translation that was to be the translation I would've recommended, without hesitation.

The convenient suggestion that the publishers of the New World Translation are "unqualified men" attempting to carry out "a task that they are not equipped to perform", does nothing to make note of the actual qualifications of the translation Committee that took part in the preparation of this comprehensive and skilled work.

And with respect to Bruce Metzger's own scholarly achievements, it can also be noted that the translations that Dr.Metzger preferred, agreed with the popularized translations that are rich in flaw and obvious defect.

These are not translations I totally condemn, but are translations that obscure context by removing the divine name (in over 7000 locations), by emphasizing poetry over common vocabulary, employing spiritistic language where it does not belong, and continually failing to clearly identify Hebrew quotes in the Greek Scriptures- which contributes to a number of confused doctrines.

The insertion of words that do not exist in the original text- such as 'hell' and 'cross'- also filter into the pages of such translations; the use of outdated terms, some of which even possess the opposite meaning, in today's language- all errors that will not be found in the NWT text. 

Other principles of translation are unique to the Committee.  For instance, the NWT is produced only by men who are non-political, non-commercial, non-violent and educated to recognize spirtistic concepts and human philosophy, and the history of its involvement in religious development. 

...A qualification that Dr.Metzger was not educated in. 

A wide variety of requirements are necessary to exceed personal inclinations toward doctrine, and produce consistent, clear translation.

And Dr.Metzger's written conclusions of the history of the NWT's producers, is influenced by mistaken observation, subjective reasoning and his own doctrine, which heavily influence his considerations.

I have offered one opinion, which can be weighed for consideration.

And my own recommendation, without question, will not resemble popularized translations.  No, If one desires to possess the text that is closest to the original Bible manuscript; a comparative, living translation (one that is regularly reexamined for accuracy and common language readability); and produced in the widest variety of languages in the world; then the New World Translation, is my recommendation.

The best way to to learn more about it, is to use this link:

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Thank you for such a comprehensive answer. There was some very obvious prejudices by saying 99% scholars are against the NWT. Besides not answering the question himself, his statics wreak of a person consumed with church theology and tradition. Any honest hearted person reading your answer and his will clearly see the truth. Thanks again for help in championing the truth. You can see how the bible's truth is evident in what it says at 2 Cor 4:4.
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Indeed, the "illumination" offered by accurate scripture and heritage, produce peace, rather than politics, integrity, rather than religious commercialism, a heritage of non-violence and dignity, rather than bloodshed and bigotry.
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The original text in which it was written . . . UN-Translated

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Hello, DM, it as been awhile since we 'bumped' into one another.

Hope you are doing well, my Digital Friend.

And may your quest produce results that best assist you, to adequately meet your needs.

Sincerely, D21
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Hard to say, but here's a comment on the NWT (the JW bible) along with the source.

"I would advise him to get a translation other than the NWT, because ninety-nine percent of the scholars of the world who know Greek and who have helped translate the Bible are in disagreement with the Jehovah's Witnesses. People who are looking for the truth ought to know what the majority of the scholars really believe." it is not a surprise that Dr. Metzger, the highly regarded New Testament Greek scholar wrote the following,

. . . The Jehovah's Witnesses have incorporated in their translation of the New Testament several quite erroneous renderings of the Greek.[11]

His comments simply reflect what one should expect when unqualified men attempt a task that they are not equipped to perform. Dr. J R. Mantey, co-author of the highly acclaimed Manual Greek Grammar of the Greek New Testament along with H. E. Dana, has made this comment in response to a question,

I would advise him to get a translation other than the NWT, because ninety-nine percent of the scholars of the world who know Greek and who have helped translate the Bible are in disagreement with the Jehovah's Witnesses. People who are looking for the truth ought to know what the majority of the scholars really believe. They should not allow themselves to be misled by the Jehovah's Witnesses.[12]

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If possible could you tell me who they are, I've looked everywhere and can't find the info.

And I agree. Seeing that it is the "word of God', it makes sense to ask for his help in translating it.
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Fourth paragraph in the link I posted and then go to 5th footnote. (I didn't folow up that far.)
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Okay thanks
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I personally feel like one should use multiple and make cross references to get the most out of the text.

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I don't think it is so much the translation, I think it is how people perceive what is written. Eg-Look at the Quran, there are people out there murdering innocent people & they think that they will go to paradise!! 

Completely delusional murderers. If there is a heaven & hell then they will be joining Satan for eternity!!!

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