How does a belief system influence individual?


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A persons belief system defines the person.  It sets limits upon their actions, both minimum and maximum.  Ones beliefs may or may not be religious based.  The  stronger the belief the more rigorously they are upheld.  A person will only violate their strong beliefs when something of especial value, say the life of a family member, is assuredly lost if the belief is not violated.

To give an example of minimum required action, I believe that I am required to help anyone that asks for it, if I can.  If I see a panhandler and I have money on me, I at least share or give it all to the person.  If I see a hitchhiker, I give them a ride often driving miles out of my way to take them at least closer to where they need to go if not to the place.  A little over a week ago, a stranger came to my door and asked for a place to stay, I gave them one week.  I offered meals (declined).  I did watch the person as they could have been a thief and require they leave the house when I was not home but I did my best to make them welcome otherwise.

An example of of maximum action allowed may be a person that does not believe in the death penalty.  They are willing to be on a jury and find a person guilty of murder and recommend sentencing like 1000 years but not willing to support a sentence of death.  Another example is willingness to support abortion in the case of probable death of the mother, especially is death of the child is almost certain also, but not in the case of a person who just does not want to become a mother.

An example of a non-religious belief is my belief that in supporting environmental issues.  I have a moderate belief, and can support anti-environmental issues occasionally.  On the other hand I believe I am part of the cycle of life.  I have started procedures with a mortician to have a green burial (they are checking laws as of last Friday).  I feel I have eaten and used much of nature during this life.  I should be used by nature as a food source (worms, gophers, whatever) when I die.  Green burials are often in simple organic material (like burlap) bag and in a shallow grave.  Embalming when done (not required by any state) is done with fluids PROVEN to be non-toxic to any animal or plant life as well as not causing other problems like cancer or birth defects.

Basically if you know a persons belief system and how strong each belief is, you know the person.  You know what to expect of the person in all matters.  You will know when they might be persuaded to change their mind and when they will stand as a granite mountain. A person you know the belief system of, is a person you can trust to make specific choices at almost every potential turn of their life.

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It is one of their filters in which they interpret their life experience through, this in turn affects decision making and behaviour.

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I just wanna distinguish my appreciation to the folks you have answered my question. Really needed a information for my GP report. Sorry for the confusion of my name...I know how it feels when discussing the issue...

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A belief system influences how a person responds to different situations that we may encounter in our daily life. A major conerstone of my belief system is that I read the bible daily allowing it to shape the person who I am. Not just reading for knowledge, but for understanding, so that it can reach my heart. 

It developes in me a yearning to follow the example of Jesus and God. Meditating on how they would respond to different situations. This has been a great help in me building a  strong belief system for me, my family and the community that I serve

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