Does Superstitious Belief Serve As A Hindrance?


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One man's superstition is another man's common knowledge. All things can serve as a hindrance in time, depending on what you're trying to do. If it hinders you, then it is a hindrance.

What can happen and what this question usually refers to is whether or not they halt people from learning - and that can happen. Any thought or belief when held onto rigidly can cause a 'closed' mind where new ideas cannot be considered.
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All beliefs hinder. Thoughts are organic and opinions and experiences constantly change. Beliefs are an attempt to hold on to ideas past their expiration date.  They may present a facade as such to impress upon others a version of the world they want others to see but thoughts, but no one can control their thoughts or how they feel, only how they react. Those without beliefs seem to be able to let things flow and go and are less likely to get upset if someone disagrees with their ideas because they are not trying to own their ideas. They know their thoughts and ideas are not who they are. Trying to establish and hold a set of beliefs is like trying to catch the wind.
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I would suggest that almost any idea which is then incorporated as a belief, therefore followed would serve as a hindrance at some point for most people. While some superstitious beliefs are correlated to religion and seen as positive ways to encourage good behaviour, most of what I see as superstitions only hinder our ability to be open to new ideas and experiences.

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