What is your view on abortion and why do you have that view?


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I believe it's a woman's choice. After all, it's her body.

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Walter and I can find some common ground. It's a very emotional issue.

Basically it's up to the woman. The difference between a miscarriage and an abortion is that one is voluntary, one is not. It probably comes down to each person's perception as to when that embryo has developed sufficiently to be considered a person. The law seems to say this is not so, for, if a woman miscarries as a result of a motor accident, the person concerned is not normally charged with manslaughter.

It's a contentious question.

But, while agreeing with Hippy that it's the woman's choice, I'm probably too set in my ways to see it as a valid form of contraception.

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I could get lost in the details, and argue one way or another. But in the end its my body and NO ONE tells me what to do with my body, EVER!!!!!

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I think in some instances it should be an option. I do not believe anyone should use as a form of birth control because they were too lazy or irresponsible when they got their groove on. However in incest or other rape cases, or certain medical reasons it should be allowed. 

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PJ Stein
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While I realize most in the US do not use it as a form of birth control, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. And there are other countries that do use it as birth control. I do not have the lastest statistics, but back before the collapse of the USSR, the average woman there had eight abortions because other birth control options were not made available. Most in the US that are living in poverty have access to free birth control. Abortions on the other hand cost $300-$500 on average. It has been my experience that those I have known to get abortions, were young and stupid and careless.
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Wow. You just look at some posts with a narrow view, don't you? You just repeated what I said about the women in the USSR using abortion as birth control because they didn't have other sources. I never said they used it to be lazy. You seemed to miss my point on that one entirely. Some countries do use it as birth control and I find that wrong, stupid, and illogical. It is much cheaper, and healthier for all involved to provide proper birth control.

And as for people living in poverty not getting free birth control, I don't know where you live, but I know people in my hometown who got it free or at a greatly reduced rate through publicly funded health clinics. Heck half of my husband's family did the same in another state.

And I never said the majority ever did use it as birth control. You are putting your perceptions on my words. I just said i was opposed to people who did do that. And yes I have met someone like that. So just because it is not in your statistics as it happening often doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

And for the record I support free or reduced rate birth control for those who need it. Those who can't afford birth control can afford an abortion or having a child even less.

I would appreciate if you would quit taking my posts, as this is not the first time you have done this to me, and making something they are not.
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I was raped at knifepoint when I was 19 years old by my mother's 2nd husband. I became pregnant as a result of the rape. He threatened to kill me if I ever told what happened, so I got an abortion. Could I have carried the baby to term and given it up for adoption? Yes. Could I survived emotionally if I had done this? Probably not. Even after all this time, I sometimes have nightmares about this period in my life.

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Your're ever so welcome! :)
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I am so sorry for what happened to you. Abortion was the right choice for you cause as I mentioned in my comment the case of rape is different. I would give the rat bastard away though. I am so so sorry for what happened to you
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Thank you.
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I stand against abortion. I believe that that is a human being from the point of conception, therefore, I consider abortion to be murder. Good day to you, my friend.

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My issue is about the timing of an abortion .. Not abortion itself.  There is a lot of controversy about the limitations of 'when' it should be done.

My personal opinion is .. If a woman wants to terminate, she would plausibly know that immediately upon finding out she is pregnant .. Not months later.  The longer one waits, the more problem I have with it.

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I don't think the government, or anyone else for that matter, should be able to dictate what a woman does or does not do with her body.

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It shouldn't be a woman's decision unless if she was assaulted or it's a life threatening thing.

Other than that, she already made her own choice when she had sex. You can argue she probably used birth control and it's not always effective, but the same can be said of a man that has to pay child support.

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I think that if a woman was impregnated through rape it is all right to have an abortion.  It also depends on the situation of the parents.  I hate the idea of an abortion- it seems like murder, however, it is the woman's choice whether or not she gets an abortion.

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I do not support abortion for personal and religious reasons. This is also a topic I don't necessarily like talking about because of the lack of emotional control people have during discussion. It's a prodigiously sensitive subject.

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I think everyone has their own view on this subject. What is of importance the view of our creator, the giver of life.

Life is sacred to God, and he views even an embryo as a distinct, living being. About God, King David was inspired to write: “Your eyes saw even the embryo of me.” (Psalm 139:16) God stated that a person would be called to account for injuring an unborn child. So, in his eyes, killing an unborn child is murder.—Exodus 20:13;21:22, 23.

What, though, if an emergency situation at the time of childbirth forces a couple to choose between letting the mother live and the baby die or vice versa? In that case, the couple would have to decide which life to try to save.

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I think the use of the word "embryo" is a bit loose. The ancient Hebrews had no concept of embryos. Perhaps a better use of the term used, גֹּלֶם (golem), should be "lifeless, shapeless form", not embryo.
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Abortion is at the very least the most extreme form of birth control.

Given my convictions about when life begins, I would characterize it as homicide in a discussion.  On the other hand, just like suicide, it is impossible to imagine what a woman who is pregnant and who even shares my convictions would actually do in such a situation, given what could be the possibly incredible stress she may be enduring.

Notably, the Pope has counseled forgiveness recently, rather than "excommunication" for such women if they seek it.

And of course, It would be interesting to get the fetus's perspective on this.............

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I God views the life of a child as precious even during the very stages of development after conception. Psalms 139:13 "You kept me screened off in my mothers womb." Exodus 21: 22,23 " If men should struggle with each other and  they hurt a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but no fatality results, the offender must pay it through the judges. But if a a fatality does occur, then you must give life for life."

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I also believe abortion is murder. We are human beings and as human beings we are and we have to be responsible. It is not like the woman slept the night and woke up with a baby inside her belly. So she is responsible for her action and if she decides on abortion, then I am going to say it is murder. You cannot just kill someone just because you do not want to take responsibility for what you have done. Of course the case of rape is a different one.

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