Is it true that people hate muslims more than ever now?


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I'd say people are just paranoid and afraid. We did the same thing to Japanese-Americans during WW2. Of course a logical person knew that not all Japanese people were evil but fear made us ignore our logic. Give us another 30 years and we'll probably stop associating Muslims with terror. We always treat immigrating minorities like this. We used to hate the Irish and Catholics because we were afraid that they'd wipe out Protestantism, but now we love them. In a few generations the West will probably embrace Middle Eastern culture.

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I think not ! Most all educated people know that almost all Muslims are peace loving people. It's just like any race or religion or people in general, there are always some bad apples that give the rest a bad name.

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Hate? No, I don't think so. Distrust? Oh yeah. That's a different matter.

While we can acknowledge that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, decent, law-abiding people, there's still the radicalised fringe who create enough trouble to keep suspicion alive.

It's not just the terrorist attacks and ISIS that are to blame. Remember the riots that took place internationally because, in 2005, a Danish newspaper had published a cartoon ridiculing Mohammed? Those were not the actions of rational people, and the riots and destruction were not confined to "radicals".

So, although Muslims feel they are being unfairly treated, the actions of many have fuelled the distrust.

Here's a time line.

According to the CIA's World Fact Book there are currently only 0.6% Muslims living in the United States. That's 0.6 of 321 million, or a little less than 2 million Muslims. If only one in 1,000 has been radicalised (an optimistic figure) that's still about 2,000 potential terrorists living in the country. Many countries have greater Muslim populations so the potential for radicalisation is much higher.

Unfortunately those are the facts and, try as we might to treat decent Muslims fairly, there will always be doubt, and there will always be those who seek to exploit that doubt for their own purposes.

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I don't think they hate them its a trust issue

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I'll tell you how i feel a FEW radicals did the paris thing but during the moment of silence. THOUSANDS. Screamed muslims chants and these are the moderates. Yes people are getting tired of the few but yrt the many never oppose them.

Marco polo wrote a moderate will hold your feet while a radical will behead you. Until the religion of peace starts living up to its motto people. Will continue to turn against it

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Well, like all the other answers, I guess it's more of a distrust. It was foretold in the Qur'an though, that something like this would happen. That we'd have issues etc. Mainly because of other foretellings(atleast I think so) about people taking Islam and making their own version of it. It's said that there will be 73 different versions of Islam and only 1 of them will be the correct one and those who follow this 1 will go straight to heaven. Gives me the impression that the world will end soon. Haha...I hope that was helpful in some sort of way. My knowledge is still pretty limited but this I'm pretty sure of.

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Yes, except maybe during the crusades, I expect the hate to get worse too.

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