Do you guys think that the 40 day rain actually happened?

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I'm not sure. I'd have to look at some satellite photos from the period.

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Forty day rain? Oh yeah. It happened in 1946 and I was 9 at the time. It rained for about six weeks and all us kids had to sit inside at lunch time and eat our lunch in the corridors. It was awful. I grew up thinking winter was always like that. It was years before I realised that winter is a pretty nice time of the year.

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A world-wide flood?  No

A flood that was so bad it was passed down in oral stories of multiple cultures, until it was written down?  Sure.  There are multiple possibilities of tsunamis that wiped out early settlements.  IMO, the most likely in the MidEast being the collapse of the separation of the Black and Mediterranean Seas ... Or the collapse of the separation between the Atlantic and Mediterranean.  Either would have seemed like a "world ending flood" to those living in the path of destruction.

But an all-powerful deity using a global flood?  Especially one that is all-knowing, and able to see the future?  No way.  First, it would be much easier just to erase all the "evil" people (and their works) from existence in a nano-second.  Second, knowing the future would mean that deity also knew his "reset" wouldn't solve anything.

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@Awesome Autumn

What is the "this" you are talking about?

Bikergirl Anonymous just asked me about an issue that came up in one of my answers but has never been directly addressed before.
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I think Awesome Autumn is just giving a broad general view that there are so many comments (Mostly by you and I) that goes on for a great many posts. She would be correct.

Also, if we do not get a chance to Comverse again before Christmas, can I just say, that regardless of our difference Tom, I have grown more from knowing you, and I wish you and yours a happy and safe Holiday. Our differences aside I still regard you in the highest and as one of many Brothers and Sisters on this wonderful planet.
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Thank you @Dark Majin. And Tom I mean you guys have been going at this for days and it's blowing my notifications up. 🤔🤐
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There is no evidence for a "world wide" flood, but there are many places where the entire landscape changed due to floods. Walt brings up two good examples. The area we now know as the Mediterranean sea at one time was dry land, then the straits of Gibraltar opened up and created the sea we have there now. The same is suspected about the Black sea. Each of these would have been seen by ancient people as worldwide.

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Sounds like a true and fascinating event to me. I believe it happen and we have the RAINBOW🌈 after each rain as added proof.

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Darik Majoren
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?? How in the world is it biased if it repeatedly proven scientifically? . . I suppose Germ and Virus Theory is my opinion then too? Simple earth science taught in grade school help you if you find your knowledge lacking.
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Once again you're talking pure nonsense.
Rainbows 🌈 are created by GOD🌈. Enough said🌈. You keep posting🌈.
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Alright I will meet you half way. Perhaps you can accept that Sun shining through water droplets is HOW God created the rainbow . . . Your still arguing about the Whom created the rainbow and declaring me to be incorrect. I am simply telling you HOW a rainbow is visibly formed. . . .
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A little-known fact for you. Back then a slang term for a long time was fourty days and nights. So basically it's saying that it rained for a long time. Almost every civilization mentions the flood though American indians to china

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They mention "a" flood, and may have thought the entire world was being flooded, but their concept of the world was limited to a very small portion of the world.
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Was there a rain that caused a large flood in the land of birth of the bible? Yes. There is geological evidence to back it up. Did last 40 days? Who knows. The phrase of 40 days shows up in the bible for several things. I believe it is just a way of saying it lasted a long time and they didn't have an actually day count.

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Back in biblical days, the reference of a 'day' was not neccessarily a 24 hour period or a 12 hour of sunlight.  It could have been a lifetime .. We still use that expression 'back in the day of Jesus' for example. 

The way I understand it is the 40 days .. Was not 960 hours.

There are numerous referenced to 'a day' .. and they are not all the same time frame .. for another example: There are references to the term 'day or days' that equate to a thousand years.

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There is absolutely no evidence for a world wide flood. There are many OLDER Sumerian stories of a large local flood  that is easily identifiable as a something the flood story copied. 

There is not enough water in the system (yes that is considering both from above and BELOW) to flood the entire earth. Also, if the earth was populated by incest prior to the flood, Noah's family would have had to restart that whole thing again too . . . What did the animals eat once out and about . . . So many reality issues with this piece of fiction it hurts to list them all.

Chalk this up to just another grand imaginative story told within a myth.

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Another pint of interest, is the sumerian writings like the Kings list that is unbroken, until they were conquered by the Akkadians. Which was somewhere in the 10th century BCE
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Kudos and excellent as always Seedy!
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Yes I do, and the reason why is what it states  at John 17:17 "Sanctify them by means of the truth your word is truth."  God said it happened and He cannot lie.  Titus 1:2

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A worldwide flood would surely make a deep impression in the memories of those who survived it. It is only reasonable that they related this event to their offspring. Since it was from “the families of the sons of Noah,” the builder of the ark, that “the nations were spread about in the earth after the deluge,” we would expect to find references to the Flood in the traditions of different peoples. (Gen. 10:32) Is there such testimony to a worldwide flood?

In his book Die Sintflut in Sage und Wissenschaft (The Deluge in Legend and Science) Dr. Johannes Riem of Germany notes: “Among all traditions there is none so general, so widespread on earth, . . . As the Flood tradition.” Some 150 separate flood legends have been found from every part of the earth, including ancient Greece, Rome, India, Australia, and the Americas. Though these legends differ in details, there is remarkable agreement on basic points. For example: (1) There was a moral cause of the Flood, namely, man’s wickedness; (2) Global destruction of the human race took place; (3) One man was forewarned and saved himself and a few others in an ark or boat. The Historical and Critical Commentary of the Old Testament: Genesis says:

“The harmony between all these accounts is an undeniable guarantee that the tradition is no idle invention; a fiction is individual, not universal; that tradition has, therefore, a historical foundation; it is the result of an event which really happened in the ages of the childhood of mankind.”

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No, the harmony, you speak of, is a total lack of understanding of ancient beliefs and the legends they would have passed down. Local floods of great magnitude, would have, for the ones seeing it, constituted a "Global" flood. The "World" to the ancients did not extend to our perspective of our "world" today. Even Gen 1:1 does not say "... God created the " it says God created and the .
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Hmm I dunno what happened to my post, but the additional part is "god created the [planet and the universe]" it says he created [dry land and the firmament (sky)].
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Some times the site "Hiccups" or the browser might have issues . . . I posted something once and it showed up twice the other day.
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It could be possible.

Hurricane John formed in 1994 and lasted 31 days.

In, Kukui, Maui, Hawaii, there was rainfall for about an entire year, from December 1981 - December 1982.

In Arica, Chile, there was a dry period that lasted from October 1903 - January 1918 (more than 14 years).

From an article I'm reading in August 2006: " Apparently, Olympia's record is the same as Seattle's: 33 days set in 1953. So they could still break that record."

Also from that same article:

"In case you're curious, in the state of Washington, the record is 55 days set in Centralia in the winter of 1996-97.

"I also found a recent article in the USA Today that says Ketchikan,
Alaska had a streak of 101 days set in 1953 -- the same year Seattle's
33-day streak was set."

So could it be possible? I'm pretty sure it could.

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Yes I do. Do you know why the flood became necessary ? As mankind  multiplied, sin and wickedness spread rapidly in the earth. A lone prophet named Enoch warned that God would one day destroy the ungodly. Still, evil prevailed and even worsened. Some angels rebelled against Jehovah by leaving their assigned places in heaven, assuming human form on earth, and greedily taking women as wives. Those unnatural unions produced hybrid offspring—giant bullies called Nephilim who intensified the world’s violence and bloodshed. God was deeply hurt to see his earthly creation being ruined.

After Enoch’s death, one man stood out in that wicked world. His name was Noah. He and his family tried to do what was right in God’s eyes. When God decided to destroy the wicked people of that world, he wanted to protect Noah and earth’s animal creation. So God told him to build an ark—a huge rectangular vessel. In it, Noah and his family would be preserved alive, along with numerous animal species, through a coming global flood. Noah obeyed God. During the decades that Noah spent building that ark, he was also “a preacher of righteousness.” (2 Peter 2:5) He warned people about the coming Flood, but they ignored him. The time came for Noah and his family to enter the ark with the animals. God shut the door of the ark behind them. The rain fell.

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