Do you know people who think they know the bible, but actually know nothing at all?


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Their name is legion. -- Mark 5:9

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Virginia Lou
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Dozy I thought about answering this and got a headache, gave did it with four words (+ reference)
Didge Doo
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Six, if you count the Biblical reference. Of course, I did alter one word but I guess I'm allowed.
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I find this to be the case of about 75% to 80% of the time with Christians. Most will only crack open the "Good Book" every now and then and only to designated spots governed either by the sermon they might have recently heard, or a "Daily Devotional" publication of some sort.

Rarely, do they REALLY get to know and understand this book they swear to live their life by.

I believe I have forgotten more about the Bible than your average Christian learns in a life time.

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Tom  Jackson
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My serious study was at the college level as an elective.

A somewhat different motivation aids my recall.
Darik Majoren
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When I hit 9th grade, they offered Bible Classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. My mother paid for the classes (Taught by professors in theology) even though I had to take them for "audit" . . . then I would have to go over my notes I took in class . . . It wasn't really a choice so I made the best of it.
Tom  Jackson
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I never was subjected to that.

I feel somewhat sorry for anyone having to do the memorization for a Bar Mitzvah.

Prep for Confirmation was a breeze.
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Yes. And that includes some people who claim to follow it too.

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Yes .. I think they probably only read it while they were bored in a hotel room.

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I do. And i need to mention i dare to say more than 50 % of the whole population of religious people follow their religion along with unawareness and claim to know everything about it while they know nothing, they just filled by belief with blind eyes.

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Jann Nikka
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I know .000001% of my faith🤔. In other words what I know 📖 would fit on a tip of pin, but I won't stop learning😊.
Matt Radiance
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I believe in you Jan, and your spirit is admirable, never stop learning because life never stop teaching :)
Jann Nikka
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Thank you.
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I would say nearly every christian that believes the bible as being inerrant or written by the people like Moses, have not a clue what the bible says or even means. Most haven't a clue how it developed and what it's purpose was. Here is an article addressing this issue.

Bible Illiteracy in our country

Even though this is addressing the USA, I really think it goes world wide.

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Tom  Jackson
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"I will attempt to write about this in more detail, and specifically about the number 1 fatal illiterate problem—lack of knowledge about who wrote these ancient documents and what they actually represent—in forthcoming posts."

Funny, ever since the Holy Spirit showed up to guide men; generally speaking, most of us who seek to understand what God wrote have gotten by without much "exegesis."

Dr. Steven DiMattei is the author of the article.

I wonder why Dr DiMattei never asked the author of the Bible what He intended to accomplish by using men as instrumental causes.

Such an oversight might be significant when one evaluates his conclusions.
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I know people who ACTUALLY know the bible, but they don't know anything at all.

Time to move on from Bronze Age myths.

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Tom  Jackson
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@John McCann

I've been told to just keep these threads going.

I'm assuming you are still a work in progress, but He will only tell me my story, not yours. That you will have to get from Him. If it helps, I have found Him to generally be quite patient until I specifically ask Him for advice.

I have apparently wrongly thought you understood the following, but you have stated that you have little use for philosophy---and I have heard you.

But whether or not you have any use for this statement, it is still true:

The human intellect cannot be put in possession of its object by some exterior agent that takes it there. There is for us no knowledge except our own knowledge, no truth except self-acquired truth.
John McCann
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Capitalized pronouns do not a magic man make.

You have failed again. No evidence, no more time to waste. Bye.
Tom  Jackson
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Nice that you at least have your own name for Him: "Magic Man."

It's a step toward the Truth, John.

I am both impressed and encouraged at such a sign of progress.
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I have not read the bible. I was playing Trivial Pursuit with an ex's family, who would frequently tell me things that are written in the bible. A question came up that none of them could answer, but yet I knew the answer. What are the first three words in the bible? When I told the answer, "In the beginning" they actually went and got their bible to check my answer. Imagine their embarrassment when they read those words..

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Well, I'll admit a few names come immediately to mind.

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Tom  Jackson
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And how interesting that you chose to post your response to me under an 11 day answer of mine.

Sure you didn't mean to post it under my comment to your answer to this question today?

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. but we're all cheering for you.
John McCann
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The answer is on the general feed and opposing your evil knows no time limit.

Close, as you say, only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so are you close to any evidence for your magic man delusion? I thought not. Bye.
Tom  Jackson
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@John McCann

So being "close" rather than "precise and exact" is an example of you scientific expertise---being on the "general feed" is accurate enough for you.

We learn so much about about you when you post---please don't ever stop replying to me.

(My) "evil?" I simply share the good news; you want to burn the newspaper. But that's fine---these threads are primarily for those who read our "back and forths."

Rather than working with a "people," after redeeming all men, God now works with individuals and proves His existence to each man (and woman) on an individual basis.

But I don't know how He approaches those to whom all was once given and subsequently rejected by them.

I suspect that in 50 years as measured in time, I will understand how He worked that out.

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