Does religion do more harm than good?


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Not for my religion


More good than harm

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HelpStop AnimalAbuse
You make a very good point. Most of these so called walls are 100% based on religion. How a person can blow themselves up and kill innocent people Defies belief in their ideology that they will go to paradise or heaven.
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Only when practised by extremists and fundamentalists.

It's a boon to those people who can't cope without a buddy to help them through the tough bits.

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Depends on where you are. The greatest threat to modern society at this moment is Radical Islam/ISIS, a vile cult of submission and death wrought by extreme religious zealots upon those who believe differently...which is basically everyone else. 

Too much of the misery of the world was born of competing beliefs in unseen deities and the enforced ignorance inherent in them. They continue to be a primary obstacle to peace on this planet to this day.

In my humble view, man's religions have done and continue to do far more harm than good.

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Darik Majoren
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I like this - "Too much of the misery of the world was born of competing beliefs in unseen deities and the enforced ignorance inherent in them."
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Greetings, Dark Majinn. Feel free to use that when it suits you, assuming it does.
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Yes, absolutely. Think about all the wars and arguments its created and all the families and friendships it's torn apart.

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Religion itself has done little harm. Man twisting religion has done a lot of harm. I believe those people who have twisted religion would twist something else to try create power for themselves.

Many people have found solace in religion. It gets them to think about things bigger themsleves. Many religions teach people to help one another.

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That is a good question ..

Personally I think religion is not the source for the unrest in the world .. Or within each individual .. I don't know of any Religion that specifically teaches extremism to the point that one must go out a brutally kill anyone and everyone who won't conform.

I think corruption of religion is to blame. Corruption creates extremism.  Corruption is the where the problem originates.

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Religion is OK but then you have people like Joel Osteen here in Houston telling everybody that being rich will make them happy.

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Perhaps Mr. Osteen is talking from experience . . . to which his followers gladly ensure his continued "Happiness" . . .
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Any good done by religion can just as easily be done without the delusional trappings of religion.

So, all you are really left with is the harm.

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I would say anything that stifles intellectual growth and a better understanding of the world and people around us should ALWAYS be considered "More Harm". This, of course, is paralleled with one's ability to "Grow Intellectually".  When religion is pushed into political agendas it is most definitely more harm then good.

If one must be religious, maintain that special "Personal Relationship" we hear so much about . . . No need to make it public or fanatical.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
Excellent point .. Religion and politics are, by design, conflicting. The only way to make one fit the mold of the other is to corrupt it.
Darik Majoren
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Good question Just Ice, the reasoning is that through the years the more secular populace usually stays quiet while the more religious are more vocal. Now that the secular numbers are growing, and are more active in public agenda, we are seeing a kick back from the religious whom for the most part went unchallenged for too many years.
Now we are dealing with a culture that has always been lead to "Believe" that our nation was built on a Christian foundation and not a secular one.
I would like to say the fault lays with us, but we simply lacked the numbers to raise our voices, or were too frightened more to be persecuted for our lack of belief.
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I like this answer. If one wishes to live in peace with his fellow man/woman then he/she should keep his spiritual beliefs to himself. Nobody likes somebody who acts preachy all the time.
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I'm sure it does more good than harm. People like to talk about all the wars it's caused, but what about politics? Politics only causes harm to those who simply want to harm. Even if those people didn't have religion, they'd still find some way of making war. The most common aspect of every war is human beings, not religion.

Religion does a lot more good, depending on the religion.

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Yes false religion is the cause of millions of deaths and  Jehovah God has promise that soon it wil be removed from the earth.  Revelation 18: 2-5" Babylon the Great has fallen, For her sins have massed together clear up to heaven, and Gos has called her acts of injustice to mind."

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It can cause both. Studies show that those who have a faith live longer.  It gives hope and meaning, especially for those who do not have the benefits of western culture.  I think it served as a discipline, and gave rules. 

It creates an in and out mentality. This mentality is good if you want soldiers, although secular ideas are capable of the same.  Thing is, anything can be used in this manner, people fear death and suffering so it makes us easy to control. Any idea which you do not examine for yourself opens you up to control.  We accept the idea that we pay taxes, work 40 hours a week at least and don't retire to enjoy life until we are in our 60's.  We don't question as to "Who owns the world?" What exactly is MY country? Why should we have to pay to live on land that is our birth right?" We are still pretty much serfs/plebs, Why are we paying for plastic bags to "Save the Planet" when there are cheaper fuels to run cars, vegetable foil for one, and our governments aren't using them?  They are still increasing the number of runways at airports when the carbon admissions are already past the dangerous level for those who live around them? It appears "Saving the Planet" is rather arbitrary to our governments.  Why are we using airstrikes to fight extremists in Syria when we've been doing it for a year with little result, especially considering ISIS are using civilians as shields?"

Make any sense to you?

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Religion, when used as an excuse to act in extremes and oppress others, will always do more harm than good. For those who actually adhere to their holy writings, at least in the Abraham religions, good outweighs the bad.

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