Does Atheism Bring About Immorality?


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My assumption in this question is that you hold the bible to be the christians' moral guide. The bible is one of the most violent, obscene books ever written. The first 5 books alone are nothing but this "god" killing off groups of people. Infanticide, genocide, rape, and torture are all prevalent throughout. Intolerance (only one example) in the form of heavy anti-semitism, appears throughout both the old and new testaments. Why couldn't the commandments involving adherence to this "god" be thrown out? I think society would benefit greatly from a commandment or two against any violent acts that were deemed less important then this created "god" and his jealousy. What kind of moral compass does this provide?

Morality is very evident in nature. It is not a christian trait, and is biologically imprinted in our brains. Murder, stealing, and general disobedience are not allowed within species of animals. Tell me, do they have access to your christian bible, and are they now educated on the christian standard of moral living?

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Please don't make assumptions about me or my purpose of asking a question. Also I did not mention the Bible in my question. I do agree with what you state in your answer about the bible and appreciate you taking the time to give your view.

I was questioning atheism in regards to all religions. Specifically, if a society has no "god" christian, jew, hindu, animal, whatever, would that society suffer various forms of immorality? Or, do people have "reason" and a sense of "right" from birth?
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Apologies, I falsely assumed.
In regards to all religion, no it would be no more/less immoral, but the problem arises in trying to overcome the phenomenon of religion. The best example is to look at nature, because most of man has been injected by some form or another. The only other example would be to look at evolution of thought. Secular countries of the world are some of the top in charitable/humane contributions. As stated below, worried about this life, not the uncertain afterlife.
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Based on atheists that I know, atheists tend to be more concerned with what happens in this life, as opposed to those who identify strongly with any given religion who might be more concerned with the next life (afterlife) than this one. Some who are religious, in my experience, have been self-righteous hypocrites who don't practice what they preach. So, in my opinion, atheism no more brings about immorality than religion brings about morality.
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Thank you.
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You made a very important comment. You are right. Some so called "Christians" have given us sincere Christians a bad name. There is a difference between being religious and having a personal relationship with Jesus. We as Christians are to love others as God has commanded. This means we don't bomb abortion clinics, hate homosexuals, etc. However, as we love them we are to show them something in us that they would like to have. This is only done through love and caring.
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Being HUMAN brings about immorality.
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But a belief in a "god" could prevent us from acting on our "human" traits.
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If you say so. Any history book you open is rife with examples of immorality being carried out in a god's name. Atheists are as corrupt as any other sect of humanity, but no bans, holy wars, jihads, or crusades have ever been carried out in the "lack of god's" name.
Debbie Harrington
This life is only temporary, the next eternal.
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I believe it does. Because there is a lot of things that are immoral besides what people automatically think. Besides murder and stealing and rape and so on, there is also sexual immorality, gossiping, stealing time on the company clock, little things like that that people do not really consider immoral, but in fact, are. When you do not believe in any god whatsoever, most people will not have a conscience about these little things. They will feel that it is no big deal and will feel that "everyone does it, why can't I?" "Everyone has premarital sex nowadays" that is a big one. But actually when you engage in sex without a committed partner having one night stands or only keeping a partner for a few weeks before moving on to another one, you are disrespecting yourself and that is having no morals when it comes to sexuality. Having no god at all takes people's inhibitions away and they are more inclined to making the wrong choice.
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That is very true. "Right and wrong" is not merely a matter of the harm you do; it is a matter of decency, which atheists completely lack. If my own country were run by atheists, all kinds of immorality could take place. Women could walk around with their hair showing, or even go about in public without their husbands. And then -- anarchy.

And you are correct about atheists gossiping and stealing time on the company clock. Those lazy atheists need to get to church, where nobody ever gossips.
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Chistians murder and steal more than atheists, and there is nothing wrong with having sex outside of marriage. That is just a religious belief.
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Of course, it is also possible to be promiscuous at the same time as beliving in God.
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Well, being "saved" is a form of enslavement to the belief system required for the saving.  But to the point of the question.... Those who are "saved" tend to be... I think... Of a more "moral" character with regards to how they treat others because if they werent, they would lose their place with the "master".
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I don't think atheism inherently brings about immorality. (I'm not speaking from the POV of being an atheist although I sometimes dabble in non-belief because it makes me feel better).

But I think there is something inherently sort of dignified about having belief. That's cos as an individual for some reason I take it to be more natural to believe in something than in nothing. And so I feel that one is aligning oneself with what's natural. And which happens to also correspond with wanting to be good and kind.

Atheism doesn't have to inherently imply the non-belief in goodness, morality, decency, properness and morality. But it (- atheism) is at a sort of a disadvantage because, it can so easily be rendered into something which supports moral-laxness. If you don't believe in an afterlife and meditate a lot on that lack of belief, surely it can only bring a higher willingness to do naughty/inadvisable stuff. Because one would think one could get away with it.

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Actually it is the christians who bring the bible into it when they talk about the origins of morality.
I fail to see how the bible can be used as guidance on moral choices, the dogmas of the bible are horribly and fatally flawed for any normal society, they are founded upon a paternalistic, punishment-centered and an anti-logical mind set that would enslave all of us in the name of "saving" us.
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Absolutely yes!
Atheism's poster boys are hitler and stalin who between them murdered 30million+ people.

With out religion you live by a corrupted rationale, stress at every problem, for ever frighthened of car accidents, disease, crime. You eat and drink too much, are probably racist, always making poor decisions and unable to determine the correct course of action when you need to.

Had enough...think about this...all of the advanced civilisations on this planet had a belief system. Why? Theism is programmed into man, it is a part of his mind, body and soul. Without a well fed soul you are living a lie.
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Not at all. Are there immoral atheist? Of course, but there are an equal number of immoral people of faith. It comes down to being human. I believe the majority of the people on this Earth are good people. They are will to help people more than help. There are those few in every group though that will cause more harm than good. 

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There is no death......

Just a transformation into something much greater.

Nothing is ever waisted.

Mind is not in your body.

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I don't think so.. Its a matter of choice..they would be immoral if they pretend to believe in GOD when they don't..

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