I woke up in the middle of night,wasn't fully awake,I took my mobile (which I put on the desk near my bed) and bit it so hard that the camera broke off inside my mouth! what's the problem?I sleptwalk once or twice but that was years ago.


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Do you take any medication at night? That would be my first thought. People sometimes sleepwalk, you might have to put some type of pressure sensitive alarm on your bed that will wake you up if you get out of bed asleep. Definitely let your doctor know you are doing this.

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Narmina Moh
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I'm not on any kind of medication, that's why it freaked me out.. I don't usually experience this, I do have trouble sleeping.. not sure if that's related.
Thank you for your reply.
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You're welcome!
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Speak to your doctor as sleepeating has similarities to sleepwalking, however most people tend to eat food :) In the meantime keep inanimate objects away from your reach at bedtime and check you have a good sleep routine.

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