How many different types of Bibles are there in the known world? I'm not talking translations, such as NLT, KJV, etc. but DIFFERENT Bibles, such as Mormon, Catholic, Protestant, etc. Any links with info. would be helpful!


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There are a few, the Orthodox canon, the Catholic canon, the Protestant canon, and the Coptic canon. Those are the 4 I know of, there may be a few others, but are not very popular. They vary from 66 books to over 80.

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They are all translations no one has the original bible, which was written on scrolls, not the Catholics,nor Mormons, or Protestants.. They have found parts of the book of Isaiah called the Dead Sea Scroll..

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Being the bible is a compendium of many books, there was no "original" bible. However there is an original collection, assembled by Eusebius in the 4th century, of which 50 copies were made. The Codex Sinaiticus is suspected to be one such copy. and can be found here
It reads differently in many places then the modern bible. The modern bible has some added verses, and in some places had added chapters. But this bible also has a couple of added books as well. This is also based on the Catholic and Orthodox canon, not the protestant, that you are more likely familiar with.

When it comes to the dead sea scrolls, they have found more then just the book of Isaiah, they have actually found nearly every book of the OT or at least portions of them, as well as some of the apocrypha. Then you have the Nag Hammadi, where they've found a cash of many of the NT books and some of the Gnostic books as well.
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Thank you Cookie and Charles! Very helpful!

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