Would The World Be A TOTALLY Different Place If There Was No Such Thing As Religion?


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Yes. Religion plays an important part in the lives of many. It has a strong influence on the lives of many. It relects what we eat, where we live, how we dress, and what language we speak. There is the possibility that it my remain the same because no one has seen the creater, and people will still wonder if there is one.
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Of course, remove any element of society today and you remove what the society has become and has thus far evolved. Religion has been with humanity most likely because without any solid science and understanding of the universe was the only way to explain life and the occurrences of the world, such as storms, night and day, life and death. Think of a big thunderstorm and the power of it, with out a scientific explanation and simple knowledge how would it be explained? A Volcano? Hurricanes? Not only that how about the night sky? Humans had no TV not so many years ago, so the evenings were not spent in front of a source of constant attention occupation. God's were many and very different. God's were and still are in some instances what man waged wars over and changed to meet their needs.
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People would still find reason to hate and do all the evil that's done in the name of religion now. They'd just find another excuse. It's not religion that causes war, it's dogmatism. Religious, political, philosophical or scientific dogmatism leads to being closed minded and closed mindedness leads to hate. Knowledge or religion will not save us from evil, enlightenment will ;)
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I believe that the world would be more socially advanced if there was no following of religion. The concept of a creator would still be around ( as nobody can explain existence), which would in turn create a following, but if the world seemed 'smarter' than to base all their efforts in being good around a set of rules left by a 'God', they would see that you are to be good for the sake of it, for the sake of everybody uniting as one together!. ( I'm not sure if that made any sense, I'm ranting)

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Some people say that the human urge to be "good" is evidence of something innate left there by a Creator.
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I don’t believe it would be any different than it is now.  Your assertion that WWII would not have taken place is a farce.  Hitler was looking for a scap goat and it just happened to be the Jewish nation.  Religion has played its role in bigotry however people are people and they will find something to not like or like about anyone.  Religion for me seems to be the catalyst lots of people look at but it is far deeper than. Greed and ambition rule the human psyche more than religion ever has.  However religion has masked those traits many times.
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Religion more or less gave way to thinking in terms of "right & wrong". Which in turned was adopted by lawmakers. Many societies were lost because they held no belief in anything except here & now. Any society needs structure. Religion is/was a building block. 
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You can imagine it, but it will never happen. God is real and He is waiting for you to want Him.  He will not force you to accept Him.   From the beginning of time, man has tried to replace God with himself.   Without God man could do what he wanted.  And you think the world is bad now?  Certainly there are those who used the word "religion" to disguise their hateful, selfish deeds, but true religion?  Here is what the Bible says  "true religion" is: James 1:27  Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. Science cannot create a society like this!  It would be pretty hard to start wars if we all lived this way.  Take care! 

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Religion is like a two sided sword in that it cuts both ways.  Horrible acts of inhumanity have been perpetrated in the name of religion.   Over the ages millions of people have been slaughtered just because of their religious beliefs.  But the other side of the sword has to do with there being a supreme being that we are accountable to and who acts in mysterious ways to enlighten the world and raise the level of consciousness to a spiritual plane.  We may argue over dogma or creed but we are not savages and we resonant to a spirituality which shows forth in the general goodness of mankind.  Really!
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Religion have save us from all kind off thing happening around the world our faith our believe you are deeply bless for every thing you have and onwed is because of your belief and faith. Everybody has a different point of view about religion. There some that believe that a budda is a religion, it ok we might not agree with there point of view. But we must respect everyones belief it is totally different all around the world. All i can say is there is a reason why god have them here on earth.
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I think it would definitely be a different place. The question that remains, though, is why there would be no religion. What would cause the human brain not to create religion? And if the human brain can't cause religion because of that, then it also can't create conspiracy theories.

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There would be less wars, less hatred and more people finding love and friendship where they wouldn't of been allowed to before.

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