Do you think were here on earth because of evolution? Or because of God?


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From the first "spark" that turned a bunch of chemicals in a swamp into a living organism, through 2 billion years of evolution, mankind arrived (along with many other living organisms). Evolution ensured that the first example of "life" would eventually result in "higher life forms". What your real question should be is "What turned that first bunch of chemicals into a life form?" We still don't know the answer to that. (But, personally, I think a higher life form with magical powers is a tad unlikely.)

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It's fair to say we are all here because our parents "got together". 

The evidence for the appearance of man is very heavily on the side of evolution. Until demonstrated otherwise, I'll go with the weight of the evidence. 

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Darik Majoren
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I like this. It plainly makes the statement that evidence is key, and Atheists are more open minded then their counterpart.
Call me Z
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I think this is typically why we become Atheists. Examination of evidence is key to the investigation of truth, the Socratic method, yet believers will not have it apply to religion. It isnt hatd to understand why.
Call me Z
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I think this is typically why we become Atheists. Examination of evidence is key to the investigation of truth, the Socratic method, yet believers will not have it apply to religion. It isnt hatd to understand why.
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I believe they are one in the same.

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First of all, evolution does not answer "how life started", science does not have an exact answer, they have speculations and hypotheses, but no actual answers. Otherwise I KNOW creatures that are on earth currently (including Humans) are a result of the fact evolution.

Oh and edited to add, I do not think any invisible God or any other God had anything to do with it. 

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Long, long ago, in an ocean far, far away, there lived a boy amoeba named Adam and a girl amoeba named Eve. The tide swept them together and they fell in love. They coupled and in time produced two munchkin amoebas. They called the first one Cain, because they could, and they called the second one Abel, because they were able.

In time the family found their way out of the ocean and into a mighty river. Adam built a wall across it to hold back the fresh water.
Eve Amoeba said, "What's that?" but Adam didn't know and could only repeat his name. He thought that if he did that three times it was as good as registering the patent. So he said, "Adam, A-dam, a dam."
And that's how the world's first dam was built and why it's called a dam.

Eve was a bit confused by his comments because female amoebas come from Venus and don't talk the same language as male amoebas, who came from Mars. She thought he'd said "Edam" and thought, "Wow! What a clever amoeba. He's invented cheese." And so they set up home on the banks of the Euphrates.

They planted an apple orchard which Adam called Eden, but Eve wasn't going to fall into that trap again and although she enjoyed eating the apples she didn't confuse them with cheese.

So you see, science and religion are completely compatible. Evolution and the Bible are both talking about the same thing.

Of course, we haven't got around to how Adam created God in his own image, but that's a tale for another question.

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There is no evidence for gods.

Evolution is a fact and the theory that expalins much about the fact of evoltion is well supported by the evidence.

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Kevin Golden
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So we evolved from monkeys, yeh?
John McCann
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@ Charles Davis

You are complicating the simple.

The fact of evolution is thus ( genetically speaking ).

Evolution is the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms.

Nothing more, or less.
Darik Majoren
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Kevin, we didn't "Evolve from Monkeys". we Evolved from a common ancestor TO apes.
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Evolution. There is evidence for it and to deny something that we can clearly see is true is absurd. Why cant religious people just think that god made evolution happen? I dont see why this is an either-or-question. Cant people just believe that both have truth?

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Evolution is a proven scientific theory of how "Life Progressed". Evolution does not Say "HOW Life started". So there needs to be an overall understanding of that.

We only have a few hypothesis regarding "HOW life began" which fall under abiogenesis.

If we bring the concept of "God" into the mix, the topic then shifts to one of "Faith" and then determining WHICH GOD/GODS

Some people are happy with filling the current "We don't knows" with "God did it", while others are quite fine with "We don't know yet".

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There being a creator follows everything that we know. The universe has order. Where there is order there are laws. Where there are laws there is a lawgiver. The belief in God  comes from same evidence that some use for not believing him. So the evidence is not the issue. The issue comes from the individual and want he is looking for. It just like being an orphan is handled in different ways, some want to know birth parents, others do not. I think what has muddy the waters for some is what supposed representatives God have done and said. It clearly was not representive of Our creator.

Here is a link that you might find helpful:

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Ty Hibb
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[email protected] Thank you for your kind words. I am so sorry to hear about your sickness. I long for the time when we no longer have the problems that bring us so much grief.
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RIK RZ , A Muslim's opinion, answered

God sent us Human's down to earth and we evolved to the horrid things we are today.

God sent humans down to earth because they believed Satan and ate the Forbidden fruit. ( Eve convinced Adam)

Ps: It was NOT an Apple ( in my beliefs no offense)

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An eternal omnipotent being that creates according to his intent and also maintains the reality in which we find ourselves makes the most sense to me.

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