Does the bible say anything about ones especially a fellow Christian who damages another property and refuses to pay for it and act like it never happened?


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That's a matter for the police not your deity.

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Wasn't that the 121st Commandment?

"Thou shalt not damage another's property and refuse to pay for it and act like it never happened, unless it's April Fool's Day and you're just joking, of course. Then it's permissible, but don't do it very often or nobody will be surprised anymore and nobody will think it's funny."

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Jesus stated this at Matthew 7:12, " All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must do to them. This, in fact, is what the Law and Prophets mean." Only if we treat others in this way can we prove that we are true followers of Jesus Christ. The law made it clear that God's people were to be just.  Not everyone who say they are followers of Jesus are, that is why that person may be refusin  to pay.

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Yes, the regarding the Bible and "Forgiveness" . . . Some of the Bible is for it,  . . . Unless it unleashes God's Wrath, and then it is definitely against it . . . A lot of the OT is really against it.

Most doctrines would tell you to forgive you brother/sister . . . . Consider using Empathy, and Reciprocity to handle the situation . . .

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@ my good friend Thomas -
"You've said all you can say until you actually understand the concepts of omnipotence and time and how they are non-contradictory." - much love to you this day Thomas.

Understanding our time line is and its unidirectional linear qualities is all one has to understand with regards to Omniscience and Free Will. Not only is the concept of Omniscience, Perfection, Righteousness, Omnipotence, contradictory, but they are obviously products of conceptualization of a primitive man . . . Throughout the Bible God is characterized and labeled as "Perfect". Perfection is an absolute value . . anything other then Perfection is Imperfect . . If God is Perfect by His very nature, He CANNOT be Imperfect. Especially if this is part of His Righteousness (Correct, right). It is possible to be Omniscient and Perfect, BUT this contradicts omnipotence. Omniscience KNOWS ALL . . . not what MIGHT BE, but what WILL BE. This includes PERFECT actions of God . . . this means they cannot be changed, thus God cannot deviate from what He has already seen and what is deemed to be perfect . . He is Impotent in this regard.
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Where Man's timeline comes in on a unidirectional linear quality allows for a complete view for any Omniscient Perfect being . . . IF man is allowed leeway regarding actual choice, then what has ALREADY BEEN seen is incorrect and thus Imperfect . . . The only way this would work is if man was allowed to go back in time to have multiple threads of time where different paths could be taken thus different choices . . . Since we cannot go back in time, we are left with what GOD KNOWS as what WILL BE . . not what MIGHT BE . . . decisions/choices already seen made by God. Since this must fit into God's Perfect Plan, the determination of situations and causalities that take place for man were already put into place by God . . Hence, no need for Prayer or at the very most prayer is an ineffectual yet ceremonial need of the believer . . .
Does man have Free Will or a façade of Free Will? . . . ask yourself if you could murder a man that God had intentions and plans for here on earth? As soon as you consider that Free Will means God is always adapting His plan to fit man's choices you negate His perfection, Omniscience, and Omnipotence turning Him into a reactionary God at best . . . Definitely not worthy of being able to create or maintain a Universe . . . It is much better for you to embrace Predestination . . . God keeps all His attributes except His Omnipotence in changing what He has already seen Himself do . . .
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Dawkins does stay to his perspective science in as much as Sam Harris stays with his. I've yet to see him make any scientific claims to a field he is not qualified unless it is a "Scientific Theory" greatly supported by the Scientific community.
Science has no predetermined path. you follow the evidence. Doctor Isle has stated already that he is looking through his "God Goggles" when he looks at science . . in other words he is predetermining that God is the end solution and he works the data to FIT this conclusion he already has . . he loses all credibility as a scientist by doing this . . . any supporter are those whom do the same.

It is like a Crime Scene Investigator whom has several suspects. They are supposed to follow the evidence, data, information to whom IT LEADS . . . .
As an Example, Dr. Isle has determined which suspect he THINKS did it, and is adapting the evidence or only looking at the data to accomplish this outcome . . . it is literally unheard of and career ending in the accredited Scientific community to do such a thing.

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